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Dystopia 2007-01-23 11:13

I have an electric drumset with cymbals (Rude Hats, Innovations Ride, AAX dark 14 and 16) anyways I was wondering about cymbal mutes. What kind should I get? Does it make a difference if they are cheap or is it a good idea to buy the expensive versions.

Also what do you think of my cymbals? Good for metal?

The Execrator 2007-01-25 15:09

Just go to a music store and buy the cheapest ones they have, it doesnt matter what you get. They all work. You can always ask the sales guy, he'll be able to help you good.

Those cymbals aren't bad. Metal players usually have bigger crash cymbals though. Average sizes in metal are 16" 18" and 20", you don't see many guys using 14" crashes. The bigger the cymbal, the louder the sound. The ones you have are fine though, don't go rushing out to get bigger cymbals unless you have the money already.

Dystopia 2007-01-26 01:21

THanks I already got my mutes they work fine. Do I hit the mutes or the cymbals themselves? I've been hitting the mutes unless I use the hats

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