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onceinalifetime 2002-10-12 07:11

Whats the best pedal to play solos through ??/
like metal solos?
Vai , Satch solos ?
Dreamtheater solos ?
all amp settings, pedals etc?

morbid_death 2002-10-12 07:17

something not too chunked up with distortion, because that seems to at times slur nots together, and lots of sustain.

Def 2002-10-12 11:28

it all depends on what you like yourself, in the distortion part especially, anyways, some guys like wahwah and stuff, some don't

just figure out setting that you like yourself, with the pedals you've got, and else just get a good distortion pedal and fool around with it until you've found some kickass settings on that motherfucker

dani filth6 2002-10-14 07:07

i think zoom gfx 8 its graet to play with it solos you have
many options of sound control. i have one

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