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ThroneofbahoS 2002-10-10 02:13

Your opinion
ok... heres one of my texts:

Gaught in the woods
of immortal shadows
waiting for morning to rise

lost from the path
beside the creatures
of the eternal despise

I may add couple of lines more...
im not sure yet...
so how is it... its meant to be short

morbid_death 2002-10-10 03:05

i cant get into the time i start reading it i've finished.

powersofterror 2002-10-10 15:29

cant really say much, there's not really that much there...

xDarkestHourx 2002-10-10 18:07

no offense but they're right...and I hate all the walking in the woods stuff so I'm probably the wrong person to ask

mrweijia 2002-10-18 08:54

its like i'm paying to go see a movie but as soon as i walk in, the movie's already started and i trip and hurt myself and dont see anything cept the first 6 lines of dialogue. sorrry. its too abrupt, maybe if you completed it, it'd be mroe understandable

ThroneofbahoS 2002-10-22 01:20

yeah... I guess youre right...It's just that I'm out of ideas what to write...
maybe i will complete it some day...

[skreamer] 2002-10-25 11:44

it really a small text, but if you say it like hundred times, people will still dont have a clue what youre talking about, but its more of a poem, than lyrics. keep on writing dude.

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