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Simmo 2006-12-09 00:58

Your rack case depth
I've been looking into buying a rack case recently and have come across some confusion as to the depth of the cases, are they all a standard depth? Most I have looked at have been 425mm deep, which seems a bit big to be balancing on top of my amp head. I spoke to some dude on the phone who mentioned 19" racks and 14" i can't remember if he meant wide or deep, this really only served to confuse me more. I've also come across shallow cases, would this be the 14" case he mentioned, and would this be the best option to sit nicely on a head?

I know one thing and thats that i need probably a 6RU case, maybe a 4 but I want to leave the door open for more fx or a seperate pre/power setup.

For those of you running rack setups, what are the depths of your racks? Do they fit nicely on your heads? If i was running a pre/power setup it wouldn't be a problem balancing it on the cab, but seeing as my head is a godawful piece of shit (*COUGH* mg100h cough cough) i want to know that anything I buy dosen't topple off, I also want my amp to fit snugly up against the wall.

It seems like such a damn simple thing but i've still managed to get confused. So thanks for helping out this rack newbie :)

sqol 2006-12-09 05:29

It really depends on how deep the units that you're going to put in it are (obviously). Unless you are only going to have a small rack, with only a couple of things in there, then don't worry about it fitting- you can always sit it on the floor. My rack case doesn't fit on my heads, but if it was any narrower, then i wouldn't be able to have extra pedals etc. connected up in the back.

This said however, my rack case does live on top of my head (Laney VH100r- slightly deeper than the standard), and doesn't fall off- you just have to obvserve where its centre of gravity is... but my stack isn't right up against the wall.

((Nervous)) Texx 2006-12-10 13:42

19 and 14 is how wide it is, depth i dont know about but as far as i know, a majority of rackmountable stuff comes in the 19

xdislexicx 2006-12-10 16:02

all rack gear is 19" wide... as far as depth. 14"(without lids) is pretty standard if you have big stuff in there like poweramps and whatnot. you can get them extra deep if you want to have rear rack rails to house more stuff.

Simmo 2006-12-12 19:40

I get it now finally. I'm going with a 4u SKB shallow case, and looks like i have to buy the hardware seperate, cheap bastards.

xdislexicx 2006-12-12 21:31

Originally Posted by Simmo
I get it now finally. I'm going with a 4u SKB shallow case, and looks like i have to buy the hardware seperate, cheap bastards.


Simmo 2006-12-12 23:40

The screws and washers and shit. I think they refer to it as 'hardware' to make it seem like you're getting something more and $20 isn't a fucking ripoff.

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