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scrapmetal99 2002-09-30 23:44

picking with multiple fingers
I can pick with all four fingers easily but it is hardly applicable unless going very fast on one or two strings. Focusing on left hand technique is more necessary than right hand technique , someone picking with 2 fingers has enough speed to play most songs but skill with left hand technique isn't measured as easily

Def 2002-10-01 04:38

so, what are you trying to say?
there's more topics about this subject.

NeCr0n0MicA666 2002-10-10 20:07

I can use all four fingers (if you'r talking about fingerstyle playing), I can play pretty fast. My mom's been playing fingerstyle bass since she was my age (15), and now she's double that plus three, and she still can't use all four fingers, so it is pretty liberating to know that I out-do my mom in terms of speed.
Keep it dead,
-Shaun- "Throw up the horns!" \m/

Def 2002-10-11 01:56

haha your mum?

cool dude.

hehe, I got all fingers going, I've been playing since my 14th till now, about 5 years

walpurgis 2002-10-12 20:15

I guess I should have been paying attention. I've seen other threads about this shit, this one can end.

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