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fatdanny 2006-11-29 03:28

Originally Posted by MetalThrashingMad
The was once an entire thread on this question...

I concluded that alt picking was the way to go on that riff.

Sythke21 2006-11-30 07:47

thought id post a little clip of how im coming along with extreme unction. i left out 2 riffs near the middle of the song which i havent learnt yet, and the repeated stuff at the very end.

Right now im near my max speed at 85% of normal speed, before my playing becomes even sloppier then now. Still having trouble linking riffs together and whatever, if i slow it down a can play it noticeably better :D.

and yes i know my guitars noisy.

dont rip me apart been playing for 1yr 8 months just figured out!

MoonRaven 2006-12-01 21:13

not a bad tone, what gear are you using?

sounds better than i can play it, but i never actually slowed it down and tried to learn it, not my style either, i do more in flames, dark tranquillity, and black dahlia murder type stuff.

Requiem 2006-12-01 21:18

not bad. I noticed it was slowed down a bit but still not bad.

Sythke21 2006-12-02 19:08

im using an ibanex 350ex, emg 81/85, and roland cube 30 plugged into the computer using line in.

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