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aFarewelltoKings 2006-11-17 21:07

battle of the passive pickups!!!!
which of these 2 pickups are the best for megadeth style thrash?Also pleez suggest other brands or models!

Cassius 2006-11-18 02:35

Megadeth plays thrash...?

aFarewelltoKings 2006-11-18 22:29

um yeah they are in the big 4 of thrash

Valtiel 2006-11-19 22:00

The EMG's are awful and the Seymour Duncans are pretty cool. Although there really isnt "thrash" bass, just someone who plays bass in a thrash band. You are only going to get extreme sounds from radical EQ adjustments.

sixsicsix 2006-11-21 20:56

anyone ever played the rio grande pickups? how are they?

ThornsOfHeaven200 2006-11-29 09:48

just curious, has anybody used dimarzio bass pickups? how are they?
The X2N-B sounds beastly. Anybody have any experience with it?

Captain Chaos 2006-12-13 01:34

I played one of those Fender J's with 24 frets, anyways that bass had a set of quarter pounders, let me tell you sounded HUGE! maybe you should look into buying the set rather than just getting the bridge pup.

ThornsOfHeaven200 2006-12-14 10:57

Well the 1/4 pounders arent Dimarzio pickups, they're seymour duncans i believe. When i get my bass i wasnt planning on just having a bridge pickup only. I'm almost certain im gonna get the Dimarzio Split P in the neck postion and either a Dimarzio X2N-b or Ultra Jazz bridge pickup.

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