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aFarewelltoKings 2006-11-08 19:52

Low b question
okay i plan on buying a 5 string soon for kicks and giggles.I was wondering if my Hartke ba2500 head and transporter 1x15 cab can handle the low b string.I only plan on turning the amp up about halfway cuz its plenty loud there.Am i alright to play a 5 string thru it?

Tattered 2006-11-08 20:59

The 15 cab should definitely handle the low b string, its purpose is for bottom end! its the sub cabinet!

if your that worried about it, take your rig down to your local music centre and try some five strings out through it..

sixsicsix 2006-11-09 18:22

yeah, the bigger the speaker...the bigger low end your gonna get.
unless you get an extended range cab like that one ampeg 4x10......I would kill for that beast.

blitz906 2006-12-19 06:15

Oh yeah man, for sure...a 15 inch speaker will definitely be able to handle the low B without cracking up or distorting...there is nothing that drives me up the fucking wall like a frapping speaker :mad: but I'm pretty god damn sure that a 15" can handle that. And 250 watts is alot of volume, should be able to drive those low notes hard. I really doubt you will have any problems.

Good luck :)

sixsicsix 2006-12-19 17:10

well, 250 isnt THAT much. not for bass anyway.
My cab pushes atleast 600

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