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aFarewelltoKings 2006-11-05 21:42

Christians in metal
Okay guys im a christian but i still listen to some kinda satanic stuff i just wanna get a list of all christian metal bands good or bad also any metalheads that are christians or catholic. I have

As i lay dying
Norma jean
Evenescence or sumthing like that
Dave mustaine

Anyone else?

Transient 2006-11-05 22:42



believer, you fag

BassBehemoth 2006-11-05 22:47

Tom Araya from Slayer
Nicko McBrain from Iron Maiden

This thread is pretty lame...and may turn sour fast.

Blood Red Bass 2006-11-05 22:59

As paradoxical as it may seem, one of the current or former guitar players in Deicide said they were catholic after that deicide fan murdered a priest in South America. :confused:

But anyway, BassistofLight was famous for doing this, I'm sure this thread will get closed pretty soon. Dave Mustaine is the only artist you listed who has some valid metal albums, the other guys......:behead: There are way too many atheists on this site for you not to get made fun of, and those who are religious are probably of some christian hating-viking-pagan religion.

And by the way, I don't know why the fuck this always keeps happening but catholics should not be seperated from christians. That is the oldest, most popular, and most widespread denomination of the christian faith. Get it right. :mad:

MetalThrashingMad 2006-11-05 23:47

Originally Posted by BassBehemoth
...and may turn sour fast.

Of course it will. No one can get along.

Believer and Incubus are my favorites.

Pr0az 2006-11-06 00:04

As i lay dying
Norma jean
Evenescence or sumthing like that
Dave mustaine

Look at that list....the only credible person on it is Dave Mustaine...The rest seem pretty suitable for Christians to me. If the thread doesn't go sour you listing those bands sure as hell will.

BassBehemoth 2006-11-06 00:22

Originally Posted by Blood Red Bass
There are way too many atheists on this site for you not to get made fun of, and those who are religious are probably of some christian hating-viking-pagan religion.

Yeah, I'm part of this pagan ordeal. ;)

I'd consider myself an agnostic(level 2 atheist LOL), I just need the proof.

I was born Catholic, and at 14 I became a Sunday school dropout..I'm surprised this thread hasn't been done about satanism..or has it?

rapeandruin 2006-11-06 00:23

Originally Posted by Transient


believer, you fag


toxik actually is semi-categorized with christianity...a few of their songs off of World Circus have some religious themes...still a fucking destruction band though...

PST 88 2006-11-06 00:59

Generally speaking, the following is true:

1. Metal musicians who happen to be Christian are fine or not fine in regular proportions.

2. Metal musicians who feel that their job in music is to spread Christianity, and hence make their music a literal salvo in the war on Satan, tend to deform the music in order to strengthen the message, which is almost always not good. Perhaps in even greater proportion than the reverse (Satanists making music as part of their war on God), if only because, for whatever reason, some Satanists innovate, whereas people who decide to proselytize Christianity through metal almost invariably copy (it makes sense to copy when you're spreading the word, since a familiar form is easier to appropriate and cliches are essentially artistic shorthand).

There are, of course, counterexamples (big one is Master of Reality), but that's true of almost anything.

timedragon 2006-11-06 02:37


mrs. malicious 2006-11-06 04:16

Originally Posted by Blood Red Bass
As paradoxical as it may seem, one of the current or former guitar players in Deicide said they were catholic after that deicide fan murdered a priest in South America. :confused:

But anyway, BassistofLight was famous for doing this, I'm sure this thread will get closed pretty soon. Dave Mustaine is the only artist you listed who has some valid metal albums, the other guys......:behead: There are way too many atheists on this site for you not to get made fun of, and those who are religious are probably of some christian hating-viking-pagan religion.

And by the way, I don't know why the fuck this always keeps happening but catholics should not be seperated from christians. That is the oldest, most popular, and most widespread denomination of the christian faith. Get it right. :mad:

haha, don't be so nice. look at that list, this guy must be a cunt. and i don't say that in a friendly, joshing manner. :D god gives head in heaven.

Infinity 2006-11-06 05:17

now obviously i searched christianity and i got both pro and anti christian bnds. look through this list to sort the pro for the negative.

849 search results for "christianity"

1. 2000 A.D. Christianity
2. 666Satanic Army666 Antichristianity, War, Satanism, Hatred
3. 9th Plague Antichristianity
4. A.W.A.S. War Against Satanism, Christianity
5. Aarcon anti-christianity, Satan
6. Abaddon (Bra) Satanism, Anti-Christianity
7. Abasbaron Battle, Paganism, Anti-Christianity
8. Abazagorath Satan, Anti-Christianity, Evil, Misanthropy
9. Abdijah Christianity
10. Abhorrent (Chl) Anti-Christianity, Violence
11. Abismo de Lúcifer Satanism, Anti-Christianity
12. Abrogation Medieval times, antichristianity, society critique
13. Absent Mind Darkness, Anti-Christianity
14. Abstinenz Heathen Wars/Mythology,Against Christianity
15. Absurd˛ Christianity
16. Abyss Angel (Mex) satanism, paganism, anti-christianity, hypocrisy
17. Abyssus War with christianity, Dark Woods, Winter Nights
18. Acéldama (Cri) Christianity
19. Acoustic Torment Christianity
20. Acrimonia Anti-Christianity, Darkness
21. Acutor suicide, anti-Christianity
22. Admonish Christianity
23. Aeturnus Christianity
24. Afterimage Christianity
25. Against Death Christianity
26. Aggelos Christianity
27. Agmen War, Antichristianity, Paganism, Blasphemy
28. Ahemait Anti-Christianity, Satanism, Evil
29. Akeldama Christianity
30. Alcoholocaust Anti-Christianity, Alcohol, Sex, Metal
31. Aletheian Christianity, Faith
32. Alfa Eridano Akhernar Anti-Christianity, Ancient Mexican Civilizations
33. Alkonost The world and its past, Islam and Christianity
34. Allegiance (Swe) Anti-Christianity, Patriotism, Norse Mythology
35. Alphraan Anti-Christianity
36. Altruist christianity, Science
37. Amarok (Pol) AntiChristianity, War, Satanism, Philosophy, Pagan
38. America Gomorrah Christianity
39. Amethyst (US) Christianity
40. Amnos Christianity
41. Amon (US) Satan / Anti-Christianity / Death
42. Amos Christianity
43. Anaemia (Swe) Christianity
44. Anagathon Anti-christianity
45. Ancestors Blood Anti-Christianity, paganism, war
46. Ancestral Malediction Antichristianity, Chaos, Religion
47. Ancient Prophecy Christianity, biblical, inner struggles
48. Angel Death Anti-christianity
49. Angel X Christianity
50. Angelic Force Christianity
51. Angelrage Christianity
52. Animus Herilis Annihilation of Christianity
53. Anjos de Salém Christianity
54. Antestor Christianity, Destruction of Evil
55. Anticipation christianity,faith, struggles of life
56. Aposento (Pri) Christianity
57. Apostisy Christianity
58. Apostle (US) Christianity
59. Applehead Christianity
60. Aqueronte (Bra) Anti-Judeo-Christianity, Sadism, Satanism, War
61. Aqueronte (Mex) death, anti-christianity, hate, blasphemy
62. Arcanjos Christianity
63. Arch of Thorns christianity
64. Arch Vile Anti-Christianity, Satanism
65. Archain Death, suffering, anti-christianity, torture
66. Arimă anti-judeochristianity, War, Pagan Pride
67. Arise Eternal Christianity
68. Aristaeus Christianity
69. Arkonian Slavic paganism, Anti-Judeo/Christianity, Aryanism
70. Armada (US) Christianity
71. Armageddon (US) Christianity
72. Arrow (Swe) christianity,love,prison,war
73. Ars Tenebrae Anti-Christianity, Auto-Contenplation , Satanism
74. Arte Oculta Anti-Christianity, Occultism, Satanism
75. Arvind nihilism, satanism, anti-christianity
76. Arvinger Christianity
77. As I Lay Dying (US) Relationships, Inner Struggles, Christianity
78. Ases European Paganism , Anti-Christianity & War
79. Ashen Mortality Christianity
80. Asphyxiation (Can) Satanism/Anti-Christianity/Occult
81. Aspiration (Nor) Christianity
82. Athanator Death, anti-christianity
83. Atheistc Christianity
84. Atropina anti-christianity
85. Audiovision Christianity
86. Austrum Anti-Christianity, Occultism
87. Awake (US) Christianity, personal, warfare
88. Axis (UK) Christianity
89. Azazel (Fin) Satanism, anti-christianity, witchcraft, blasphemy
90. Azmaveth Christianity
91. Baphomet's Throne (Pol) Anti-Judeo-Christianity
92. Bar'Lgura Vikings, Anti-christianity
93. Baraque's Lord Christianity
94. Barni Christianity
95. Barren Cross Christianity, God
96. Bastard Christ Satan, Anti-christianity, Blasphemy
97. Bastard Saints Death, Anti-christianity
98. Bastion Blasphemy, Antichristianity
99. Battlefield (Pol) NS, Anti-Christianity, Paganism
100. Bealiah Christianity
101. Becoming the Archetype Christianity, Faith
102. Bedeiah Pro Judeo-Christianity
103. Bedwelming Death, Blood, Hate, Anti-Christianity
104. Beguile blasphemy, anti-christianity
105. Beleth (Pol) Satanic, war with christianity, darkness
106. Belfegore (Chl) Anti-Christianity
107. Believer Christianity, Biblical
108. Bellum (US) Anti-Judeochristianity
109. Beltane (Swe) anti-christianity, horror, death, sickness
110. Belzagor Paganism, Anti-christianity
111. Benea Reach Christianity
112. Beneath the Flesh Christianity
113. Benevolence (US) Christianity
114. Berith (Bra) Christianity
115. Bewitched (Chl) Anti-Christianity, Mythology, Paganism
116. Biogenesis Christianity
117. Black Blood (Fin) Anti-Christianity, death, occultism
118. Black Boned Angel (US) anti-christianity, destruction of God
119. Black Circle (US) Antichristianity
120. Black Coffee christianity
121. Black Funebre Anti-Christianity/Satanism
122. Black Moon (Chl) Anti-Christianity, Paganism
123. Blackhorned Anti-christianity, Satanism, Hell
124. Blackmass Blasphemy, Satan, Anti-Christianity
125. Blackness Forever Satan, Antichristianity
126. Blackulla Satan, Anti-Christianity
127. Blasphantom anti-christianity, gore
128. Blasphemous (Pol) evilness, winter, anti-christianity
129. Blazing Harp Christianity
130. Bleakwail Christianity
131. Blood Death, Gore, Anti-Christianity
132. Blood From Above Christianity
133. Bloodawn War, Hate, Death, Anti-Christianity
134. Bloodwork Christianity, Death, Blood, Faith
135. Bludgeon (US) Anti-Christianity, Violence
136. Blutrache (Ger) Anti-Christianity, Misantrophy
137. Borigor Satan, Anti-christianity
138. Breath of Life Despair, Christianity
139. Brutal Sacrifice Christianity, Jesus
140. Cadafalso Antichristianity
141. Calvaire satanism, anti-christianity, sorrow
142. Cantus Bestiae Anti-Christianity
143. Carnivorous Cadaver Anti-Christianity, Gore
144. Carpathian Forest Anti-Christianity, Evil, Sadomasochism, Satanism
145. Carthaun Antichristianity, War, Nature,
146. Catarsis Anti-Christianity, Paganism
147. Cathacomb Christianity
148. Cerber Anti- Christianity, Black Philosophy, Occultism...
149. Cerimonial Sacred Christianity
150. Chant of Blasphemy Anti-Christianity, War
151. Christ's Flesh Christianity's absurd and hypocrisy
152. Chrysaor Pagan, Anti-Christianity, NS occasionally
153. Cierń Hatred, Antichristianity, Anti-god
154. Clamatorius Christianity
155. Clandestine Blaze Anti-Christianity, Anti-Zionism, Misanthropy
156. Cold Blasphemy Death, Suicide, Pain, Anti-Christianity
157. Coldblood Satanism, Anti-Christianity
158. Comatose Horse life sciences, anti-christianity
159. Consecrator Christianity
160. Consumado Christianity
161. Contagious (US) Religion, Christianity
162. Convergence from Within Anti-Christianity, World Downfall
163. Coroner Necrophiliac Gore, anti-christianity
164. Corpse of Christ (US) Death, Murder, Gore, Anti-Christianity
165. Course Death Christianity
166. Coven (US) Humor, Anti-Christianity, Violence
167. Creation of Death Christianity
168. Creed (Ger) Christianity
169. Crimson Moonlight Christianity
170. Crimson Nightfall Anti-Christianity, Darkness, War
171. Crimson Thorn Christianity
172. Crionics (Pol) Anti-Christianity, Satanism, Mental Torment, Death
173. Criva Christianity
174. Cruciferae Christianity
175. Crucified Dawn Darkness, anti-christianity
176. Crucifier (US) Blasphemy, Anti-Christianity, Death
177. Crush Evil Christianity
178. Crutch Christianity, Faith
179. Cry Mercy Christianity
180. Cuadra Cruxada Satanism, Anti-Christianity, Aztec/Mayan history
181. Cuchilla Grande Nationalism, social, religion (christianity)
182. Culto Sacrilego Anti-Christianity/Satanism
183. Cumchrist Nihilism, tongue-in-cheek hatred of Christianity
184. Cured Leper christianity
185. Cynical Limit Christianity
186. Dark Earth (UK) Satanism/Anti-Christianity
187. Dark Endless (US) Christianity
188. Dark Forest (Bra) Satanism, Anti-Christianity,Anti-humanism, Suicide
189. Dark Fury Anti-Christianity, Death, Aryanism
190. Dark Lay Still Christianity
191. Dark Majesty death, darkness, despair, anti-christianity, satan
192. Dark Manthra Anti christianity, Darkness
193. Dark War Anti-christianity, Hate, Death
194. Darklord Satan, Death, Anti-Christianity
195. Darkthule Anti Judeo-Christianity, Paganism, Aryan Pride
196. Dawn of Orion Anti-Christianity
197. Dead in Christ Christianity
198. Dead Mountain Satan, Anti-Christianity
199. Deadblood Anti-Christianity, Death & Prehispanic Roots
200. Deafaid Christianity
201. Deathless (Pri) Christianity
202. Debauchery Limb Gore, Anti-christianity
203. Déborah Christianity
204. Decaptor Sex, Political, Death and Antichristianity
205. Decision D Christianity
206. Defilement Defiling of christianity through brutality
207. Deicide Satan / Anti-Christianity / Death
208. Deliver Christianity
209. Deliverance (US) Christianity
210. dElohim Christianity
211. Demiurge (Phl) Mocking God, Against Christianity
212. Demon Child Anti-Christianity, darkness, death, Satanism
213. Demon's Flesh Anti-Christianity, Caliginous Poetry, Satanism
214. Demonian Anti-Christianity
215. Demoniciduth Christianity
216. Demonstorm Devastation, Death, Blood, Anti-Christianity
217. Demonyu War, Satan, Anti-Christianity
218. Denying Nazarene Anti-Christianity, Blasphemy
219. Der Dunkel Einsatz Kommando National Socialism, Antichristianity
220. Deracination Gore, Religion, Life, Christianity
221. Desalin Anti-Christianity
222. Descending Anti-christianity
223. Desde las Sombras Satan, war against christianity, ancestral battles
224. Desinfernality Christianity, Anti-Atheism
225. Desolate Eternity Christianity
226. Destroyer of Black Metal Christianity
227. Destruction Seol Christianity
228. Deströyer 666 Satan, Anti-Christianity, Purity, War, Metal,
229. Detritus Christianity
230. Deuteronomium Christianity
231. Devotam Christianity, God
232. Diabolic Throne Anti-Christianity, Satan, War, Death, Misanthropy
233. Diabolical Imperium Antichristianity
234. Die Happy Christianity
235. Dimmgard anti-christianity
236. Dimmu Borgir Misanthropy, Satan, Anti-Christianity, Rebellion
237. Discarnated Gore, Christianity
238. Disobedience christianity
239. Dissimulation anti-christianity, evil
240. Distarnish Christianity
241. Dividing Line Christianity
242. Divine Symphony (Bra) Anti-Satan, Christianity
243. DivineFire christianity
244. Dom Dracul Death, Satanism, Antichristianity
245. Dominus (Chl) Anti-Christianity, Occultism, Satanism
246. Dominus Xul Anti-Christianity, Death, Darkness
247. Doulos Christianity
248. Draugr paganism,anti-christianity,nature,italic folklore
249. Dream Quest Christianity
250. Drottnar Christianity
251. Drowned (Bra) Occultism, Anti-Christianity
252. Dub Buk Anti-Judeo-Christianity, Slavonic Paganism
253. Dunkel (Grc) anti-christianity, death
254. Dunkelgrafen Blasphemy, Anti-Christianity, Satanic
255. Dynamon Dark War, Christianity
256. Eavral Anti-Christianity, Destruction, Hate, Satanism
257. Echoes of Silence Past to Present Conflicts with Christianity
258. Eden in Ruins Christianity
259. Einsatz Kommando paganism, anti-christianity, hatred, misanthropy
260. Elexcomulgado Anti-Christianity, Misanthropy
261. Elijah's Tomb Christianity
262. Elinor Christianity, Rock n
263. Elite (Nor) Hatred towards christianity
264. Embalmed (Mex) Satan, Anti-Christianity, Armaggedon
265. Embodyment Christianity, society, relationships, hypocrisy
266. Embrace of Thorns Anti Judeo-Christianity
267. Emerald (US) Christianity
268. Emesis War, Hate, Anti-Christianity
269. Encryptor Christianity
270. Endlosung Antisemitism, Anrichristianity, Blasphemy, Nazism
271. Equinox (US) Christianity
272. Escaravelho do Diabo Anti-Christianity
273. Eternal Mist Anti-Society, Anti-Christianity
274. Eternal Mystery Christianity, anti-Satan
275. Eternal Saviour Christianity
276. Eternus Christianity
277. Ethereal Scourge Christianity
278. Everwinter misanthropy, anti-christianity
279. Every Passing Hour Christianity, Abstract, Tales
280. Evil Dead (Svk) anti-christianity, nature, evil
281. Evil Invaders Anti-Christianity, Hate, War, Vengeance
282. Evil's Attack Anti-christianity
283. Evroklidon christianity
284. Excruciate (Aus) Gore, Perversion, Torture, Anti-Christianity
285. Excubiae Christianity
286. Excurses Christianity
287. Exekratorio Antichristianity, Anti-jewish War
288. Exousia Christianity, Bible, God, etc.
289. Exterminate (Chl) War, Desecration, Anti-Christianity
290. Extol Light, Christianity
291. F.O.G. Christianity
292. Fabio Rocha's Shining Star Christianity
293. Faithbomb Christianity
294. Fallen Souls anti-religion, war against christianity, hatred
295. Falling Elbow Christianity
296. Falls of Rauros Nature, Ancient Times, and Anti-Christianity.
297. Faust (Ita) anti-christianity
298. Fear Ritual Pain, Anti-Christianity
299. Fearscape Christianity, Death, Hope
300. Feast Eternal Christianity
301. Fenria Violence, Anti-Christianity
302. Final Axe Christianity
303. Finngálkn The Occult, Anti-Christianity, Hate
304. Fire Throne Christianity
305. First Strike Christianity
306. Flagellum Dei (Prt) Anti-Christianity, Damnation
307. Flamethrower Antichristianity, War, Blasphemy, Necrophilia
308. Flamma Ignis Christianity
309. Forbandet Anti-Christianity, heathenism, nationalism
310. Force 3 Christianity
311. Force of Darkness Anti-Christianity, Ocultism, Satanism
312. Forthcoming Brutality Gore, Antichristianity
313. Fortress of Grief Anti-Christianity
314. Fountain of Tears Christianity
315. Free Corpse Christianity
316. From Ashes christianity
317. Frost Like Ashes christianity
318. Frosthardr Christianity
319. Frostkrieg Anti-Judeo-Christianity, Darkness, Paganism
320. Frostskogr Death, Anti-Christianity, Depression
321. Frozen Glare Hellenism, Anti-Judeo-Christianity, Enlightment
322. Funeral Oath Antichristianity, mythology, paganism
323. Funereal Moon Satanism, Anti-christianity
324. Funeris Nocturnum Anti-Christianity, Death, Satanism
325. Funest Anti-Christianity
326. Galgenberg Anti-Judeo-Christianity, Weakness
327. Gasmah War, Anti-christianity, Alcoholo
328. Gates of Holocaust Anti-Christianity
329. Gebrechlichkeit misanthropy, anti-christianity
330. Genocide Kommando Anti-Judeo-Christianity, Genocide, Satanism
331. Gheestenland Dislike of Christianity, Satanism, Warfare
332. Gischt Hate, Anti-christianity
333. Glorification Anti-christianity,Paganism, Occult, Nature, Cosmic
334. Goat Vengeance Apocalypse, Satan, Anti-Christianity, Blasphemy
335. Goat Wrath Apocalypse, Satan, Anti-Christianity, Blasphemy
336. Goatfog misanthropy, evil, anti-christianity
337. Goatwar Satanism, Occultism, Anti-Christianity
338. God (Rou) Death, Christianity, Love, Romanian History
339. God Deformity Anti-Christianity, Satanism
340. God Inc. Christianity, Social Issues
341. Godfear Christianity
342. Godless (Chl) Anti-Christianity, Obscurantism
343. Godrott Anti-Christianity, Darkness, Murder
344. Godsent Humans Christianity
345. Goetia (Pol) Satanism,Anti-christianity,Occultism
346. Golfaron Paganism, NS, Anti-christianity
347. Gomorrah (US) Satan, anti-Christianity
348. Goredeath Christianity
349. Gortal Death, Blasphemy, Anti-Christianity, Apocalypse
350. Grabak Chaos Prophets, Darkness, Anti-Christianity
351. Grand Belial's Key Anti-Judeo-Christianity, Bible Mockery, Satanism
352. Grand Magus Paganism, anti-christianity, strength, death
353. Granulosum NS, Anti-judeo-christianity, pagan, war
354. Grave Forsaken Christianity
355. Graveland Anti-Christianity, Celtic Beliefs, Wotanism, War
356. Green Sleeves Christianity
357. Greeting Death Anti-Christianity
358. Grim (US) Christianity
359. Grimm (UK) Anti-Christianity, Hate
360. Grinder (Per) Christianity
361. Groms Christianity
362. Grřde Christianity
363. Guardians of Profane Secrets Satanism, Anti-Christianity
364. Haatstrijd Satanism, Anti-christianity
365. Haceldama Nihilism, Anti-Christianity, Ancients, Nature, War
366. Hadotor Anti-Christianity, Obscurantism, Patriotism
367. Hallowed (Fin) Christianity, End times
368. Hands of Arioch Anti-Christianity
369. Hardcore Death Satanism, Anti-Christianity, Norway, Nature
370. Hasserben Nihilism, Anti-christianity, Sorrow, Hatred
371. Hate Forest Aryan/Slavic Mythology, Anti-Christianity, Hatred
372. Havohej Anti-Judeo-Christianity
373. HB Christianity
374. Hearken Christianity
375. Heaven Ablaze (US) Anti-christianity, atheism, genocide, death, etc
376. Heaven's Rage Christianity, life problems/situations
377. Heavenly Host Christianity
378. Heidenzorn Paganism, Antichristianity, old heathen wars
379. Heimdalls Wacht Anti Christianity/Pagan
380. Hellmight Anti-christianity / Satanism
381. Helvette Anti-Christianity, Satan
382. Hilastherion Christianity
383. Hodur Nietzscheanism, War with judeo-christianity
384. Holy Blood Salvation, spiritual battle, heaven, Christianity
385. Holyfire Christianity
386. Hominis Nocturna Anti-Christianity, Evil
387. Hope (Hrv) Christianity
388. Horda (Bra) Anti-Judeo-Christianity, Paganism
389. Hordes (Nor) Anti-Christianity
390. Horns (Chl) Anti-Christianity, Grimness
391. Horrific Majesty Christianity, depression, sorrow, regret
392. Horsemen of the Apocalypse Christianity
393. Hortor Christianity
394. Hostian Gore/anti-christianity
395. Hostility Christianity
396. Höstkval Anti-christianity, Scandinavian Pride
397. Hřga anti-christianity
398. Iconoclast (US) anti-christianity, pain, suffering
399. Ignite Christianity
400. Ill-Natured Perversion, SeX, Alkohol, Anti-christianity
401. Illuminandi Religion, Christianity, Jesus, etc.
402. Immemorial Celtic Wind Paganism, War with judeo-christianity, Ancient
403. Impending Doom (US) christianity
404. Império do Caos Anti-Christianity, Hate , Death
405. Imperium (Chl) Christianity
406. Impery Satanism, Antichristianity
407. Implacable Christianity
408. Imprecatory (Chl) Blasphemy, Anti-Christianity, Death
409. In Aeternum War, Anti-Christianity, Blasphemy, Satanism
410. In Die Nacht Satanism, Anti-Christianity
411. In Vain (Nor) Christianity
412. Incantation Satanism, Occult, Anti-Christianity, Blasphemy...
413. Incarnate (Aus) Christianity
414. Inchiuvatu Antichristianity, sex, drama
415. Indwelling Christianity, salvation
416. Inevitable End Christianity
417. Infektus Anti-Christianity / Hate
418. Inferius Torment Antichristianity
419. Infernal (Ger) Satan, Death And Anti-Christianity
420. Infernal (US) Hatred, War, Antichristianity
421. Infernal Blasphemy (Bra) Against christianity, against holy religions,death
422. Infernal Hatred Anti-Judeo-Christianity, Fascism, Intolerance
423. Inferno (Cze) Anti-Christianity, Paganism, Slavonic History, War
424. Infernüs Anti-Christianity, Hate, Alcohol & Destruction
425. Inquisition Pyre Antichristianity, hatred
426. Instep Christianity, Positivity
427. Interium Anti-Christianity, Inner Thoughts, Death, War
428. Internal Healing Christianity
429. Ira Divina Christianity
430. Isarnheimr Anti christianity
431. Isengard (Nor) Anti-Christianity, Norwegian Folklore
432. Isengrim Anti-christianity, Satanism, Mental issues
433. IVŞ Cruzada Satanism, Anti-Christianity, Aztec/Mayan history
434. Jeremy Life, christianity
435. Jeshaia Christianity
436. Jesus Joshua 24:15 Christianity
437. Joshua Christianity, God
438. Judah First Christianity, God, Anti-Evil
439. Kaldrfenrir Ancestors, Anti-Christianity, Heathenry
440. Kaledon God, Christianity
441. Kalvarius Life, Christianity
442. Kamo Gryadeshi Anti-christianity, heathenism
443. Karelian Warcry War, anti-christianity, Hate
444. Keber Christianity
445. Khisanth Satan, Anti-Christianity, War
446. Khronn Mutilatum Anti-Judeo-Christianity
447. Kill the Kristians Antichristianity, Antisemitism, Hatred
448. Killed by Cain Christianity, Left-Wing Politics
449. Killtheslavemaster Anti-Christianity, Defiling Innocence, Hatred.
450. King's X Christianity, social issues, life, love
451. Kohllapse Christianity
452. Kohort Anti-Christianity, Demons, Hell, Damnation
453. Krisiun Anti-Christianity, Satanism...
454. Kult (Ita) Nihilism, satanism, anti-christianity, winter
455. Kyprian's Circle Witchcraft, Anti-christianity, folklore, mysticism
456. Lament (Mex) Christianity
457. Lament Configuration anti-christianity, war, nature
458. Land Beyond the Forest Satanism, Paganism, Anti-Christianity
459. Lapot anti-christianity, paganism, Slavic history, war
460. Lazarus Christianity
461. Legion666 Anti-Christianity, Satanism, Hate
462. Legions of Idimmu Satan, Evil, The occult, Anti-Christianity
463. Leichenzug Anti-Christianity
464. Lengsel Christianity, Sorrow, Depression, etc..
465. Leprosity Perversion, Anti - christianity, death...
466. Levitanea Christianity
467. Life Denial Hatred Towards Christianity
468. Light Force Christianity
469. Light Shall Prevail Christianity, Anti-Satanism
470. Lightmare Christianity, religious
471. Lithostrotos Christianity
472. Liva Christianity
473. Living Sacrifice Christianity
474. Logos Christianity (early), social denounce
475. Lord of the Command Anti-Christianity, Paganism
476. Lord Tenebrion Hate, Blood And Death ... Anti-Christianity
477. Lordchain Christianity
478. Luciferiano Anti-Christianity
479. Lugburz (Pol) Satanism, Evil, Darkness, Against Christianity
480. Lux Ferre Satanism, anti-christianity
481. Lux Salutis Christianity
482. Luzbel anti-christianity, apocalypse, rebellion
483. Lüger Anti-Christianity
484. Magnanimus Anti-Christianity, Satanism
485. Magog (Swe) against christianity, sadness
486. Maim Hate of Christianity & Death
487. Maledictum (Chl) Anti-Christianity, Satanism
488. Malefic Oath Anti-Christianity, Fantasy
489. Maleficarium Anti-Christianity
490. Maleficencia Anti-christianity, Satanism, Occultism
491. Maleficum Anti-Christianity, Misanthropy, Satanism
492. Maleventy War, anti-christianity and blasphemy
493. Malevolęncia Pagă Satan, Paganism, anti-judeochristianity
494. Malthak Anti-Christianity Violence Death
495. Mandylion Christianity
496. Margorium Christianity
497. Maroth Death, Evil, Anti-Christianity
498. Massemord (Nor) Satanism, Anti-Christianity
499. Master Dream Christianity
500. Mastiphal evil, darkness, anti-Christianity
501. Mehfalaz despise towards mankind and christianity
502. Melkor (Rus) satanism, darkness, anti christianity
503. Metanoia Christianity
504. Mharbh Anti-christianity
505. Midnight (Pol) War with christianity, Slavonic Paganism, Evil
506. Millenium (Bra) Satanism, Anti-Christianity
507. Mind Propaganda Anti-Christianity, Heathendom, Pagan Wrath, Truth
508. Miracle Christianity
509. Mirador Christianity
510. Misos hate, occultism, misanthropy, anti-christianity
511. Moderix Mythology, Anti-christianity, Environment
512. Monarchia Daemonium Anti-christianity, anti-humanity, barbarianism
513. Morbid Funeral Death, Satanism, Anti-christianity
514. Mordecai Christianity
515. Mordgier satanism, anti-christianity
516. Morgain Forests & Fairies,anti Christianity,discrimiation
517. Moriah (Bra) Religious/Christianity
518. Moriturus (Pol) Anti-christianity, Paganism, Blasphemy
519. Morkegjemsel Humor, blasphemy, anti-christianity
520. Morphia (Hol) suffering, christianity
521. Mortbrand Dutch history, darkness, Satan, anti-christianity
522. Mortification (Aus) Christianity
523. Mortify (Grc) Darkness, Anti-Christianity
524. Mortiturus Darkness, death, destruction of christianity
525. Mortuary (Mex) Anti-Christianity, Death, Afterlife
526. Mountain King Satanism, Anti-judeochristianity
527. Murha (Swe) anti-christianity
528. My Silent Wake christianity
529. Mystic Circle Anti-Christianity, Satanism
530. Mystica (Per) blasphemies, wars against christianity
531. Mörkersinnad Anti-christianity, darkness, misanthropy
532. Nail of Christ Anti-Christianity, Death
533. Nargash Darkness, Anti-Christianity, Nature, Misanthropy
534. Narnia Christianity
535. Nattefrost Anti-Christianity, Satanism, Black Humour
536. Nechrist (Blr) Satanism, Anti-christianity, Misanthropy
537. Nechrist (Bra) Anti-Christianity, Satanism, WWII, Goetia
538. Necrodaemon (Chl) Anti-christianity/Satanism/perversion
539. Necrodemon (Chl) Anti-Christianity, Blasphemy
540. Necromanicide Christianity
541. Necromanicider Death, Christianity
542. Necrophobic (Swe) Darkness, Evil, Anti-Christianity
543. Necrosis (US) Anti-Christianity
544. Necrotized Flesh Dark satyre, anti-christianity
545. Nefastus Abbatia Anti-Christianity, Nihilism, Paganism
546. Negative Face fantasy, christianity
547. Nerraka Hell & Anti-Christianity
548. Nex Perpetui Regis Misanthropy, Anti-Christianity
549. Nightside Glance Satan, Misanthropy, Anti-Christianity
550. Noctambulant Satanism, Antichristianity, Hate, Violence
551. Noctis (UK) Depression, Anti-Christianity, Nihilism, Hate
552. Nocturnal Altar Satanism, Anti-Christianity, Hedonism
553. Nocturno Culto Anti Judeo-Christianity, Blasphemy, Satanism
554. Nofek Christianity
555. Noiz Christianity
556. Nomad (Pol) Anti-christianity, anti-religion
557. Nordreich Anti judeo-christianity, Germanic faith
558. Northdark Anti-Christianity, Nature, Occultism...
559. Notung (Chl) Anti-Christianity, Battles, War
560. Nunslaughter Satan, Death, Anti-christianity
561. Nyogthaeblisz Chaos, Anti Judeo-Christianity-Islam
562. Obliteration (US) Christianity
563. Oblivion (Swe) Christianity
564. Obscure (Pol) Anti-Christianity
565. Obscureism Satan, Anti-christianity, Misanthropy
566. Obscurum Malum Anti-Christianity, Hate, Pain
567. Occidens Anti-Christianity, Violence
568. Odins Forest Mass Destruction, Anti-Christianity, Warfare
569. Of Human Bondage Anti-Christianity, Philosophy
570. Offerblod Christianity
571. Old Memories Christianity, Nature, Stories/Tales
572. Once Dead Christianity
573. Ophthalamia Anti-Christianity, Satanism
574. Opus Draconis Anti-Christianity
575. Opus Majestic Fantasy, Christianity, Believing In JC, Otter Pops
576. Oráculo Christianity
577. Order of Bileth Anti-Christianity, Conflict, Chaos
578. Order of the Vulture Anti-Christianity
579. Orphaned Land Abrahamic Religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam)
580. Oulanem occultism, antichristianity
581. Overdrive (US) Christianity
582. P 49 Christianity
583. Pagan Woods Antichristianity, paganism
584. Paganfuries Antichristianity, Paganism
585. Pale Horse (US) Christianity
586. Pantokrator (Ven) Christianity
587. Parakletos Christianity
588. Paramaecium Christianity, Sorrow, etc.
589. Pater Noster war, anti-human, anti-christianity
590. Pazuzu (US) Anti-Christianity
591. Penetrator Hammer Anti-christianity and paganism
592. Pentecost Christianity
593. Permafrost Death of Christianity, Frost, Satan
594. Peso Eterno Christianity
595. Pesticemia Anti-christianity, blasphemy, death, darkness,hate
596. Pestiun Anti-Christianity, NS
597. Pesttanz (Swe) anti-Christianity
598. Phanerosis Christianity
599. Phinehas Priest Christianity
600. Picture of the Moon Christianity
601. Place of Skulls Christianity
602. Poems of Shadows Christianity, War Against Evil
603. Pontius Pilate satanism, anti-christianity
604. Positiv Hate Anti-Christianity, Urban Violence
605. Post Trevor Christianity
606. Postmorten Christianity
607. Prodigal Son Christianity
608. Profanatica Anti-christianity, Blasphemy, Darkness, Evil
609. Profane Grace Anti-christianity, Death
610. Profane Solitude Paganism, Anti-Christianity
611. Psycoma Christianity
612. Puńo de Hierro Christianity
613. Purbawisesa Anti-Christianity, Death Worship, Grimness
614. Pyre (US) Darkness, Evil, Anti-Christianity
615. Ra-M-Ha Russian History, Heathendom, Antichristianity...
616. Radigost War, History, Paganism, Anti-Christianity
617. Random Eyes Christianity
618. Ravishment Christianity
619. Rebaelliun Annihilation, Anti-Christianity, Death, War
620. Redemption Christianity, Life's Hardships
621. Refúgio Christianity
622. Regime Christianity
623. Renascent Christianity
624. Requital (Ukr) hell, death, gore, Christianity
625. Revelation Project Christianity
626. Revenge (Can) Superion, Anti-christianity
627. Rigor Mortis (Arg) Horror, Suicide, Antichristianity, Murder
628. Rising Helvete Satan, Evil, Anti-Christianity, Hate
629. Rivera/Bomma Christianity
630. Roots of Tragedy Christianity
631. Rutah Anti-Christianity, hate, blasphemy
632. Sachsenhausen Misanthropy, Antisemitism, Antichristianity
633. Sacrificed (Pol) Hell, Satan, Anti-christianity
634. Sacrificium (Ger) Christianity
635. Sacrilegium (Fin) Antichristianity, Philosophy
636. Sacrom Christianity
637. Sadogoat Cthulhu Mythos, anti-christianity, satanism
638. Sagrada Blasfęmia Anti-Christianity
639. Sahar Satanism, Anti Christianity
640. Salacious Gods Babylonian gods, anti-christianity
641. Salutary Christianity
642. Sanctifica Grief, Christianity
643. Sardotical Scoundrel Gore, and Anti-Christianity
644. Sarkus Anti-Christianity
645. Satan's Almighty Penis Exterminating Christianity
646. SatanSSoldierS anti-judeochristianity, War, Satan, Darkness, NS
647. Saviour Machine Christianity
648. Scarlet Rayne Christianity
649. Scelerata Christianity
650. Schaliach Christianity, Light
651. Scion (Fin) Christianity
652. Screams of Chaos Christianity
653. Sculpture (Hol) Christianity
654. Scythe (US) Satanism, Occult, Anti-Christianity
655. Sea of Dreams Christianity
656. Secratain satanism, anti-christianity
657. Seelenfrieden Christianity
658. Seemless Positivity, Christianity
659. Seidr Nordic Mythology, Blackness, Antichristianity
660. Septer Christianity
661. Serenade in Darkness Christianity
662. Setimus Christianity
663. Seven Angels Christianity
664. Seventh Angel (Ukr) Christianity
665. Seventh Avenue Christianity, religious
666. Seyiren Anti judeo-christianity, Darkness, Blasphemy
667. Shadowdream Slavic paganism, antichristianity
668. Shadows Land Satanism, Anti-Christianity
669. Shadows of Paragon Christianity
670. Shadowthrone (Hun) Satan, Anti-Christianity, Occult
671. Shaphal Christianity
672. Sheol (Pol) Satanism, Anti-christianity
673. Shining Force Christianity
674. Siechtum Glorification of man and denial of christianity
675. Sightless (Fin) Anti-Christianity, Satanism
676. Skadeskutt Anti christianity
677. Skalpel Blasphemy, Antichristianity and Alcohol
678. Skogen Evil, Anti-christianity, death
679. Skymetal Christianity
680. Slamcat Christianity
681. Slavigrom paganism, antichristianity, nature
682. Slechtvalk Christianity, Fantasy
683. Somnus Cadaversus Anti-Christianity, Darkness, Death, Misanthropy
684. Sondor History, Paganism, Nationalism, Anti-Christianity
685. Sorcery (US) Anti-Christianity, Mysticism, Misanthropy...
686. Sorrow Bequest anti-christianity
687. SorrowStorm Christianity
688. Soterion Christianity, Fear of God
689. Soul Embraced Christianity, Death, Inner Struggles
690. Soul of the Savior Christianity
691. Souljur Christianity
692. Soulless (Pol) Death, Anti-Christianity
693. Southern Hate Southern Lands, Satan, War, Anti-Christianity
694. Spirit's Breeze Christianity
695. Spittin Jonah Christianity
696. Stauros Christianity
697. Step Cousin Christianity
698. Stigmata (Pol) Satanism, darkness, death, anti-christianity
699. Stillborn (Pol) Anti-Christianity, Satanism
700. Storm Dark Anti-Christianity, Black Arts, Death, Satanism
701. Stormrider (Swe) Violence, Hatred, Anti-Christianity
702. Stronghold (Nor) Christianity
703. Suffering (Fin) Death, Violence, Anti-christianity
704. Sui Generis Umbra Anti-christianity, the dead, necrophilia
705. SvartKrig Northern Paganism, Anti-christianity
706. Svartpest Anti-Christianity
707. Svetlojar Slavonic Paganism, anti-judeo-christianity
708. Swarost Paganism, Heathenism, Anti-Judeo-Christianity
709. Sühnopfer Anti-christianity, Misanthropy, Narcissism
710. Sympathy Christianity, Philosophy, Death, etc.
711. Symphonia Divina Christianity, Faith
712. Symphony of Thunder Christianity
713. Synnöve Christianity
714. Syringe Christianity
715. Szron Paganism, Anti-christianity, Annihilation
716. Taedeat Satanism, Antichristianity
717. Taine faith, religion, christianity
718. Taran Antichristianity
719. Tears of Evil Anti-christianity, War, Death, Hate, Pain
720. Temnozor Anti-Judeo-Christianity, Nature, Slavonic Paganism
721. Temple of Blood Christianity
722. Tenebris (Bra) Anti-Judeo-Christianity
723. Tenebrosity Satanism, anti-christianity
724. Tenebrosus Satanism, evil, anti-christianity
725. Tenshy of Death Christianity
726. Teramaze Christianity
727. Terapon Christianity
728. Tesstimony Anti-Christianity, death
729. Test of Faith Christianity
730. The Black Acadia Mourning Christianity
731. The Black Gate Anti-Christianity
732. The Burning Issue Christianity, The End Times
733. The Crucified Christianity
734. The Damascus Intervention Christianity, Biblie passages
735. The Dead Eat Worms Anti-Christianity, Gore
736. The Knuts Fecal Humor, Criticising Christianity
737. The Last Twilight Satanism, War, Antichristianity, Death, Ocultism
738. The Mystic Fullmoon Antichristianity, darkness, night
739. The Preachers Christianity, Social Issues, Choices in Life
740. The Rain Christianity
741. The Ruins of Beverast Obscure, Anti-Christianity, War
742. The Salvation Crusade Christianity
743. The Showdown Christianity, Life Struggles
744. The Sinful Ensemble anti-christianity
745. The Uncreation H.P. Lovecraft, Anti-Christianity, Hatred
746. The Vast occultism, anti-christianity, fantasy
747. Theocracy Religion, especially Christianity
748. This Solemn Vow Christianity, God, Life
749. Thor's Hammer Anti-Judeo-Christianity, Hatred, White Power
750. Thornafire Anti-Christianity, Blasphemy
751. Throne (Chl) Anti-Christianity, Paganism
752. Throne of Hate Anti-Christianity, Evil, Blasphemy...
753. Throne ov Baalberit Satanism, Anti-Christianity, Nature, War, Demons
754. Thusiasterion Christianity
755. Thy Nihil Blasphemy, Anti-christianity, Darkness.
756. Tinnitus Jesus, Christianity, Holy Spirit
757. To the Eternal Sands Death, anti-christianity
758. Todestrieb Occultism, chaos, antichristianity
759. Torn Flesh Christianity
760. Tortur Destruction, Anti-christianity
761. Torture Cell Death, Anti-Christianity
762. Tortured Conscience Christianity
763. Tourniquet Christianity
764. Towne Cryer christianity
765. Toxik Lies of Christianity, Politics
766. Transfigural Form Christianity, current events, common sense
767. Trino Christianity, Society, Politics
768. Trouble (US) Christianity, Doom, Death, Psychedelia
769. Trust (Ger) Christianity
770. Trytan christianity, choices in life
771. Tuonela paganism, anti-christianity, death
772. Twenty Third Chapter Anti christianity
773. Uhygge anti-christianity
774. Ulfhednar Anti-Christianity, Evil
775. Ultimatum (US) Christianity, Society
776. Umbra Anti-christianity, Death, Witchcraft
777. Underneath the Gun Christianity
778. Undertaker of the Damned Anti-Christianity, Blasphemy, Satanism
779. Ungodly (Bra) Anti-Christianity
780. Unholy Trinity Viking-themes, War, Anti-Christianity
781. Utuk-Xul (Col) Anti-Christianity, Satanism
782. Vaakevandring Christianity
783. Vaande Christianity
784. Valefar (Ltu) Evil, anti-christianity, satan
785. Valheron Christianity
786. Vardřger Christianity
787. Vehemens (Bra) Annihilation of Christianity
788. Veil Torn Christianity
789. Velatorio Satanism, antichristianity
790. VELD antichristianity & nihilism
791. Vengeance Rising Christianity (early), Atheism (now)
792. Venia (Fin) christianity
793. Verdelger Christianity, Apocalypse
794. Vertigo (Slv) Legends/Drugs/Wars/Christianity
795. Victimized (Pol) Satanism, Blasphemy, Anti-christianity, Hell
796. Vinterkaos Misanthropy, Anti-christianity
797. Virgin Forest Christianity
798. Virulent Re-Shapes Gore,Anti-Christianity
799. Vital Decision Christianity
800. Vitsaus Anti-Christianity, Satan, Hate
801. VIXIVI Christianity, Love of God/Jesus
802. Vociferian evil, anti-judeo-christianity
803. Volarg sorrow, hate, satanism, anti-christianity, death
804. Voluspaa About Norway and anti-christianity
805. Voluspĺ War, fascism, anti-christianity
806. Vomitfago Anti-Christianity, Death, Gore, Sex
807. Vomitous Discharge Gore, Christianity, Crushing Sin/Satan/Evil...
808. Vomoth Christianity
809. Vondur War against Christianity and Humanity
810. Vox Dei Christianity
811. Vulgata Christianity
812. Vultos Vociferos Anti-Christianity
813. Vulva Intestines Anti-Christianity, Misanthropy, Blood, Gore, War
814. War of Ages christianity
815. Wayne Horror, history, Christianity
816. Wedding Party Christianity
817. When Tomorrow Doesn't Come Jesus, Christianity, Bible excerpts
818. Wilk Paganism, Aryanism, War with judeo-christianity
819. Wingdom Christianity
820. Winter Moonlight Paganism, War w/ judeo-christianity, Ancient Glory
821. Winter of Apokalypse Darkness, Impurity, Anti-Christianity...
822. Winterkou christianity
823. Winterpain Mythology; anti-Christianity; war
824. Witchhammer (Pol) War, Antichristianity
825. With Blood Comes Cleansing Christianity
826. Without Cause Christianity, rapture, war, death
827. Wolfsnacht War, Hate, Satan, Anti-Christianity, Nature
828. Wolfthroat Anti-semitism, anti-christianity, white pride
829. Wolfthrone Paganism, anti-christianity
830. Wolftribe Anti-Christianity, War, Hate, Destruction
831. Woodtemple Anti-Christianity, Paganism, Darkness
832. Worldwide Genocide anti-christianity, death, mutilation
833. Worship Factory Christianity
834. Wrench Confusion/Frustration, Pro-God/Christianity, Metal
835. Wretched Spawn Violence, Gore, Anti-Christianity
836. Written in Torment Anti-Christianity, Aliens, Insanity
837. X-Sinner Christianity
838. X-Terra Christianity
839. Xalt Christianity
840. XOTH Inner Issues, Anti-Christianity, Anti-Conformity
841. XT Christianity
842. Yersinia Pestis Anti-Christianity, The Black Death/Plague
843. Yggdrasil (Ita) Paganism, Anti-Christianity, NS, War, Darkness
844. Ymir (US) Anti-Christianity, Heathenism, Odinism
845. Yog-Sothoth (Fin) Ancient Ones, Occultism, Anti-Christianity
846. Zacai Christianity
847. Zaebros Anti-Christianity, Death, Plague, Occult
848. Zarathustra Anti-Christianity, Nihilism
849. Zoltar Destruction, Anti-christianity, Battles

far_beyond_sane 2006-11-06 06:09

Originally Posted by aFarewelltoKings
Evenescence or sumthing like that

Who let you breathe?

Ten Ton Alien 2006-11-06 06:10

Stryper is the only christian band you'll ever need.

fuck all those faggot ass metalcore bullshit bands.

NuMustDie 2006-11-06 06:42

What the fuck does good music have to do with religion anyway. Quote Aeon -

You say that he will come once again
And his mission is to rule the world
Wake up from your dreams
Face reality read my lips
This I've heard before
New dates, new years, new lies
This I've said before
Your lord will never rise
Forever Nailed
Jesus will not come
Jesus will not come
Second coming never!!!

Blood Red Bass 2006-11-06 09:59

Originally Posted by NuMustDie
What the fuck does good music have to do with religion anyway. Quote Aeon -

You say that he will come once again
And his mission is to rule the world
Wake up from your dreams
Face reality read my lips
This I've heard before
New dates, new years, new lies
This I've said before
Your lord will never rise
Forever Nailed
Jesus will not come
Jesus will not come
Second coming never!!!
Ha, Aeon is a very heavy band, but they are lacking in the lyrical department. If you want better anti-christian lyrics then look at some black metal bands. Aeon have a sense of humor about their music (the bluegrass influeced hidden track:love: ). Other than that, they are comparible to Deicide in their caveman-esque verses.

bassist_of_light 2006-11-06 10:46

you all already know how i feel on this subject my favorite bands in the christian metal scene are:

crimson moolight
rob rock/impelliteri
holy blood
absurd 2
inevitable end

i am in a chrisitian metal band, i am a metalhead, more importantly i am a christian, metal is metal no matter who it is played by, chrisitian metal would is the same sound wise as any completely satanic band out there, just a different lifestyle and a far different message.

Keep it heavy for Him, bol

bassist_of_light 2006-11-06 10:51

Originally Posted by NuMustDie
What the fuck does good music have to do with religion anyway. Quote Aeon -

You say that he will come once again
And his mission is to rule the world
Wake up from your dreams
Face reality read my lips
This I've heard before
New dates, new years, new lies
This I've said before
Your lord will never rise
Forever Nailed
Jesus will not come
Jesus will not come
Second coming never!!!

wow, those are very intelligently written lyrics...
:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: whatever man try coming up with your own ideas about religion instead of quoting bands, lamzor!!

bassist_of_light 2006-11-06 10:55

Originally Posted by Blood Red Bass
As paradoxical as it may seem, one of the current or former guitar players in Deicide said they were catholic after that deicide fan murdered a priest in South America. :confused:

But anyway, BassistofLight was famous for doing this, I'm sure this thread will get closed pretty soon. Dave Mustaine is the only artist you listed who has some valid metal albums, the other guys......:behead: There are way too many atheists on this site for you not to get made fun of, and those who are religious are probably of some christian hating-viking-pagan religion.

And by the way, I don't know why the fuck this always keeps happening but catholics should not be seperated from christians. That is the oldest, most popular, and most widespread denomination of the christian faith. Get it right. :mad:

yea close the thread i already did this a LONG time ago, you did phrase it alot better than me though, but you used cruddy band examples...... i have matured past forcing my faith on anybody.

JAMF 2006-11-06 12:03

Originally Posted by Transient


believer, you fag

I wouldn't think any christian would believe themself to be alone.

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