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Nemo 2002-09-26 13:36

What is the problem with women?
Well, I just broke up with my girlfriend. An hour later she was shagging a new dude. Well, that didn't bother me that much. She wanted to be a friend, so I said OK, lets be friends. And as all males I started looking at women again. Well, then a friend of mine told me she was going to have a party, and wondered if I wanted to come. I said off course I'd come, but can I bring a chic? She said that that was ok. Yesterday I talked to my friend(she is also a friend of my x) and was wondering if I really was coming, and if I really was going to bring a chic. I said yes, I was sure I was coming. Suddenly she told me she had spoken with my x, and that my x thought that the only reason I wanted to bring another chic to the party was that I wanted to take revenge!!! What the hell is wrong with women?!?! I'm sure that if I get 43 and marries, she will still say that the only reason I married another woman, was to get even... Women are sick!

walpurgis 2002-09-26 13:38

Go this route: she ain't your girlfriend, so take a chick. She don't like it, she can go fuck herself.

Nemo 2002-09-26 13:40

I know, I'm just trying to figure out women. It's like understanding the sun. We know what they are made of, and what they do, be we don't understand any of them...

memnoch 2002-09-26 13:41

Originally posted by walpurgis
she can go fuck herself.

W000!! And i'll be watching!!!:D :D :D

But yeah...screw her man, she dumped you so just forget about her.....she's jealous you're with someone else. (trust me, she is) I've been there man.

CtHuLhU DaWn 2002-09-26 13:43


go wally!

Nemo 2002-09-26 13:44

Mem, it the other way around, I dumped her... But anyway, all of you are right... In my next life, I want to be shakiras bikeseat:D .

And mem, you really would like to see that!

walpurgis 2002-09-26 13:46

Well that was a question easily answered...I should become a wise man :)

By the way, I'd like to watch too, but can you put up a curtain with a spatterguard between me and memnoch? lol

Tattered 2002-09-26 13:46

is she hot?

Nemo 2002-09-26 13:49

Oh, yeah. That she is. And wally, I know you like to watch mem:D

walpurgis 2002-09-26 13:51

Hey pal, I never said I wasn't going to cut holes in the curtain... :eek:

Haha, but you're not allowed to hog the memnoch-watching-hole this time, Nemo. :p Last time I couldn't see anything because you took up all the viewing area, lol.

Nemo 2002-09-26 13:52

That's only because his ass is sooooooo sweeet;)

Nemo 2002-09-26 13:57

But seriously, why do women think so fucking different from men?

CtHuLhU DaWn 2002-09-26 14:11

Becuase there Hotter than us.

PST 88 2002-09-26 14:28

They're roles're different, they're friends are different, they're told to think different things about certain topics. They get a whole different message in life. Plus, they're hotter'n us, we're sex-addicted, and if they're smart, they know it.

Course, that's a generalization. If you dont like me generalizing, join nemo's ex-girlfriend and go fuck yourself.

Def 2002-09-27 02:45

woman just think diffrent than men because they are diffrent, hahaha :D

man, it's just like the diffrence between banana's and apple's or something, it's just another thing. woman are pretty weird anyways, but some are okay..
it's just one of the mysteries of life :confused: :D

Nemo 2002-09-27 10:26

You'r damn right about that Def.... Well, can't live without them, can't kill them....

DerMeister 2002-09-27 12:38

If women were truly smart, they would all be lesbians!

I happen to know your x too, Nemo (It's true!), and I suggest (for the 1000th time): FORGET HER!!!!!!! NEVER EVER IN MY LIFETIME TOUCH THAT CHIC AGAIN!!!!!!!!
If you do, I will kill you. Well, perhaps not, but I will hurt you badly. And you know you deserve it.

There, I've said it to you face to face, via sms, on the phone, and on MetalTabs. I hope you understand the words now. Or shall I e-mail it too?

Def 2002-09-27 12:43

Yeah it's pretty weird huh, we CAN'T live without women (hey who else will do the loundry and buy beer ;) ) but on the other side you CAN'T live with women cuz they are just diffrent and you get into endless fights and into stuff like problems they won't tell you about -> and they do keep their mounths shut about that shit untill it has gone to far and she wants to break up or something.
women are just diffrent , it's hard..

life sucks, and then you die...

Tattered 2002-09-27 13:13

screw that shit, lets get high! :stoned:

Father Death 2002-09-27 21:09

i wanna know why all women are such garbage drivers...i say they should always have thier 4-ways on so that we all know to watch out a little more.:smash:

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