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boltmetal 2006-10-28 16:45

my ? is this. Can pedals like, 16 second delay and flanger, talkboxs and phase 90s be used in metal music? or in any fourm of rock for that matter. They seem like a thing you can only play around with.

guitar_demon 2006-10-28 17:03

whos to say what can be used for metal or not, the minute some cunt says it cant be done or used, some genious will make it work so. if you like em find a way to use em

boltmetal 2006-10-28 21:33

but when does it become a nolvity(bad spelli g :( srry)

tmfreak 2006-10-29 00:11

There are plenty fo bands out there that use all sorts of different effects. Obviously they are generally more experimental metal bands but still.

Between the buried and me especially on their newer cd, uses alot of different effects.

Sycophant 2006-10-29 03:29

Anything can be used for any style, there are no rules.
It becomes a novelty when it's overused.
Let your ears and imagination be your guide.

xdislexicx 2006-10-29 12:20

yes, effects are great.

Dyldo 2006-10-29 16:23

Course they can. Check out Death or Control Denied; Chuck uses them well there. As for rock, its pretty common.

the_bleeding 2006-10-29 17:27

flangers and phasers make tapping sound cool... talkbox... i haev no idea what i'd use it for, i'd never spend the large sum of money on them that they require. and super long delays can be used for super long/super slow songs. Maybe not metal, but i'm sure somebody will figure something out. Either that, or you could use it as a slapback for a 16second riff.

Soeru 2006-10-30 06:32

I have a MXR EVH Phase 90, it's been used by tons of metal/rock guitarists from Van Halen to Jeff Waters and Trey Azagthoth(Trey uses a plain P90). I love my phase. Gives an "outer space" sort of reverbish sound or it can do some synthy-like 80's solos if you're into that stuff too. I only like how it sounds at low speeds, faster speed settings give it an underwater sound that might be useful for some fills or experimental songs.

Also sounds badass when combined with Flanger, that's what Trey Azagthoth uses for those helicopter-like riffs.

16 second delay is a little excessive... for any kind of music I think. :P My Boss DD-3 can do up to 1.8 seconds of delay and that's more than what you'll ever need for a solo, less you want to sound like you're in the fucking Grand Canyon. If you want more just go and get a Boss loop station so that way you can record shit to it too. :P Boss is putting out a smaller version of that looper thing now too.

boltmetal 2006-10-30 19:58

well i plain to but the following

a phase 90
mxr chorus

i have the following

vox wah pedal(amazing wah if you are going for something DIFFERNT!!)
boss ds-1 distrosion(ummm not very good)

any good pedals around 50 dollers

Megadeth 2006-11-06 18:04

Probally not you should just save up for something better than a $50 pedal

xdislexicx 2006-11-06 22:16

i had an eh 16 second delay. cool pedal for delays and looping. i preffer my line 6 dl4 though. it can do a bunch of different delay sounds, plus the looper on it is awesome. with 3 savable presets and tap tempo, plus the looper mode with reverse and half time... it handles all my delay and looping needs. i paid about $200 for it and a power supply, used.

i preffer the mxr phase 100 to the 90. the 100 has more controls so you can shape it better. but with the same mojo of the 90. i'll probably spring for one in about a month or so... maybe i can con a girlfriend into getting it for me for christmas. :rolleyes:

the talk box is cool, i've thought about getting one. but it's a novelty thing and im not sure how much honest use i could get out of it.

btw i don't usually play traditional metal/rock... it's stuff like dillinger, meets botch, meets isis... so fx are alot easier to throw in the mix with slower ambient parts.

Soeru 2006-11-07 11:20

Indeed you can get much more sounds out of the 100 but I'm not sure how useful they'd be. For the same price you can get an EVH P90 which has slightly wider sweep range than the original, plus it sound a bit thicker and more modern, but most famous players that use Phase just use the plain old 90.

I don't play a great deal of traditional stuff either. ;)

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