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elDudarino 2002-09-24 20:07

To The Administrators
Why doesn't this site support (or even have a forum) for new bands?

Please view the following thread for the details.

walpurgis 2002-09-24 20:21

I'm wasting no more time with this. Give it a rest man. You're SPAMming, that's why everyone's giving you shit and will continue to do so.

Fuckin 'tard, just give up.

elDudarino 2002-09-24 20:31

I apologise for placing urls in my posts. But how else can I link to other threads?

My questions stands:

Why don't you support new bands?

walpurgis 2002-09-24 20:32

Administrator's choice there man. He didn't want nu-metal, and he made the site.

PST 88 2002-09-24 20:33

For the same reason you dont jerk off in public: IT'S A RULE!

walpurgis 2002-09-24 20:33

Damn, you can't do that anymore? shit...

elDudarino 2002-09-24 20:34

Fair enough even though we are NOT nu-metal (I take offence to this).

What about other types of new music?

Why doesn't this site have a place to post your new music?

PST 88 2002-09-24 20:35

Well, you can, but it's looked on by regular people like sane looks on spam, so...

walpurgis 2002-09-24 20:37

Originally posted by elDudarino
Fair enough even though we are NOT nu-metal (I take offence to this).

Hey, didn't one of your threads say you sounded kinda like Tool or somethin?

elDudarino 2002-09-24 20:38

PST 88 - Sorry can you please elaborate on your response? I don't understand.

elDudarino 2002-09-24 20:39

Hey, didn't one of your threads say you sounded kinda like Tool or somethin?

You call tool nu-metal? they formed nearly 15 years ago..

walpurgis 2002-09-24 20:41

It's got nothin to do with time's music style.

PST 88 2002-09-24 20:41

nu-metal's a genre. It really aint all that "new" anymore, but it's a genre, and if walpurgis wants to include tool, then, goddammit, let him include tool. Though, tool got one thing right. They dont spam here.

walpurgis 2002-09-24 20:43

Amen brother :)

elDudarino 2002-09-24 20:47

Ok so you think tool is nu metal whatever.

Why don't you support new bands here?

PST 88 2002-09-24 20:52

We support new bands. All sorts of new bands have been accepted. Not people who come on and post a link and only talk non-stop about their band. If you want us to accept your band, prove that you belong here first. One word of advice: do this before bein a dumbass, cause it wont work afterwards.

elDudarino 2002-09-24 20:53

If you support new bands then where can i post my new music?

PST 88 2002-09-24 20:57

elDudarino 2002-09-24 21:16

You see if you had 1 part of your site that supported new bands then I would post it there. Then I would discuss other topics elsewhere.

However seeing as though this place is run by a bunch of ignorant rednecks that will never amount to anything else in their lives apart from a hypocritcal, insulting and geeky forum, I have decided to never visit here again. You really are geeks aren't you? Never thought I would actually find so many narrowminded people in one place... I guess my search is over.

Who's laughing now?

PST 88 2002-09-24 21:17

It is, get on out of here until you can act like a person and not a billboard. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

I'm laughing now. Pig fucker.

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