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mikegrinder388 2006-10-11 11:28

Internet Tech/Grind band anyone interested?
Hello , im am trying somthing a little different and cannot , i mean absolutly cannot find a drummer from my neck of the woods (Butler Pa) especially one that can do blast beats for days or anything close to grind or whatever. So i play guitar and i thought it would be different to have someone program or even record drums for me to record guitar to it .. or i would send my songs then someone could create drums for it then clean it up then record over then finished drums.. it might sound stupid but i would like to try it at least .. my email is my influences are BTBAM , Th Red Chord , Glass Casket , Job For a Cowboy , Cannibal Corpse , shit like that ok email if interested !

The Doctor 2006-10-15 07:16

read the rules douce

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