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Hidrio 2006-12-03 22:26

Originally Posted by xgrafcorex
today my roommate/coworker and i went down to homestead speedway because one of our clients races and works on bikes for a team sponsored by prieto racing, a local bike shop. unfortunately we got there late and didn't get to see the guy we knew race, but their team did pretty well. i know they won one race, wasn't able to keep track of some of the other races. there were amateur and not so amateur classes running simultaneously at times, and there were many races throughout the day. the course they ran was a combination of the outer loop, and the inner road course. i didn't really get any pics of most of the course due to the amount of fencing in the most are on the front straight. the races we missed were the 9 lap races, and the rest of the day were all 6 lap races..pretty short, but it sure looked like fun!
the guy in the lead here crushed everyone
same guy going into the first corner
someones lamborghini

Cool pics there man.

On another topic, I have been fucked by my own lazyness and stupidity. I thought my time had come to finally jump on my new bike, but no. I got some dates mixed up because last year I waited 6 weeks after I passed my test to apply for a full license. Now I can't ride the new one for another 6 weeks. :mad:

corroded 2006-12-25 01:01

4 Attachment(s)
pics of my redesigned thunderbird...

sixsicsix 2006-12-25 01:06

perty schweet.
have you been gone awhile, or have I just not noticed your posts?

corroded 2006-12-26 03:57

been busy with work...havent been coming online for a while. my posts arent that noticeable anyway :)

Hidrio 2006-12-27 16:30

One of my fork seals decided it had had enough today, luckily it's just over 2 weeks 'til I can ride the new one.

On a Christmas radio auction over here my Dad's partner won him a lot for a weekend with a Harley of his choice from the local dealer (used/ex-demo only). He's always liked Harleys but never ridden one and he's getting to that age where the riding position is more suitable, so this may be the taste he needs to persuade a future purchase. Perfect present for him.

corroded 2006-12-28 11:51

i dont really like harleys but i wont really mind one as a present :D

Def 2007-01-07 09:51

my bike last summer 2006:

my bike right now:

dropping an cb1100r engine in it. it's been a project for two years now and I only drive it in the summers. it's great driving out here riding hard on the dykes ;)

Hidrio 2007-01-07 10:01

Ooh, big changes. I like the red/gold. Is the 1100 going to go in alright or are you gonna have to change the frame?

Def 2007-01-07 10:17

thanks, the colour combo is one I made up myself, had the decals made by AFE graphics in america. here's the frame;

kind of a shitty pic but I welded up some braces in the frame. also went to a monoshock config.

the 900f engine had 95 bhp, the 1100r has 120 bhp and with head tuning, keihin fcr's and a dyna ignition around 140 bhp!

for the idea, this is what the bike looks stock;

I have an R1 upsd front end for it too! it's a long-term project and it's just costing way too much money right now. it'll probably take another year before I get it finished, but it's all good fun :)

Hidrio 2007-01-07 11:57

Originally Posted by Def
it's a long-term project and it's just costing way too much money right now. it'll probably take another year before I get it finished, but it's all good fun :)

Haha, it'll never be finished ;)

Some sexy Yoshis you got there too.

There's a fair few things I wan't to do with my bike.
I'm thinking of doing something with my boring wheels perhaps this;

My Dad's now got a new Akrapovic race system for his bike so I might steal one of his old cans that look like this;

Thinking of new carbs or re-jetting the stock ones too

Oh and there's some electronic retarding on 2nd and 3rd gears so that must be dealt with.

Here's a pic of my mates CB100N

Bowman 2007-01-10 11:12

That CB is pretty sexy :p

xgrafcorex 2007-01-10 14:06

my roommate bought a 92 cbr f2 (600cc) with a salvage title for $850. i got to ride it around the neighborhood a little (not going to far cause i still am not great at riding, and don't have a license..and theres no registration for the bike) but the fork up front is pretty bent so it was sent off to our neighbors dad who can straighten it right up and it will be good to go. honestly i didn't notice anything while riding..but i'm pretty inexperienced, so i don't think i'd recognize something like that anyway.

Def 2007-01-10 14:39

that sure is bent ;) those f2's are fun to mess around with. not too heavy and not too powerfull but good in the twisties!

mctriple 2007-01-13 15:04

I'm hoping to pick up an early 90s (even late 80s) Ninja 250. Anybody posting here recently ride one? It'll be my first bike, and I want something light and very cheap to ride (a friend had one and he claims it got 70mpg) for commuting to and from work every day. I'm hoping to find one a bit banged up, because I've got very little mechanical experience with vehicles, and I'd like to get some practice. I'd also like to not spend very much on my first bike :)

I may get a ninja 500 instead, so I don't end up feeling like I've outgrown it, but I've heard that if you ride well, the 250s are always fun on nice twisty roads, and there are a ton of those here in rural alabama.

Also, any other recommendations for a cheap starter bike? I'd like to spend at most like $800.

Hidrio 2007-01-15 18:36

I've never ridden any Ninjas but I think you'll get bored of a 250 much quicker than something larger. Most bikes around 500/600cc will still be fairly light and nimble on some sweeping roads.

On my shitty 125 I followed some guy on a ZXR400. I'm not sure if he gave it a big handful but it didn't seem blisteringly quick.

mctriple 2007-01-16 19:56

Yeah. Quite a few people have bought a 250 as a starter bike and ended up keeping it after buying a 600cc bike (if they do upgrade), because they're "fun" most people say. The top speed isn't much over 100mph, but I don't plan on speeding very much. I doubt your 125 would even keep up with a ninja 250, so the guy with the zxr400 must not've pinned it :P. The thing I really love is 70+mpg fuel consumption, since I'll be having at least 45 min commutes to school, and where I work is another 20 mins in the opposite direction. I'm very poor and would love to have to pay so little for gas :)

A friend (acquaintance) of mine sold his ninja 250. He has a 600cc bike, and he just bought the 250 back from the guy, because he likes it so much. I was going to buy somebody else's 250, because he was thinking about an upgrade after a year and a half on it, but he decided he just wants to keep it and not get a bigger one. I don't know what it is, but everybody seems to love their ninja 250s.

John Holland 2007-01-16 21:15

I have a 125 cc motorscooter

I needed transportation in a HURRY, as I was moving to a city that was 20 minutes away from my workplace, I was talking with a friend about what I should do and he suggested a moped. I told him that I could'nt be more of a pansy riding one of those around. So he asked me to humor him and just go to a cycle shop with him. I did, and as it turns out, mopeds don't suck that bad. And I HAD to get one once I was told how cheap it was to drive. Looking back on it, I should have gotten a Kawasaki Ninja for just a little more ... just so I would'nt be a moped rider. It can go up to 65 mph, which is fine.

Want to know how much I spend a month on gas? 15$.

The monthly payment is 60$ for the financing company, and I paid 400$ for a full year's worth of insurance. I'd rather have a car, but I save so much money with this that its ridiculous. Now my workplace is in my city, so I spend even LESS on gas.

Hidrio 2007-01-17 14:49

Guess those Ninjas are fun then.

As far as commuting goes over here, well haha, it takes me 8 mins to get to work. I've been on the new bike for 5 days so i'm not sure how thirsty it is, but my 125 can do 230 miles on a full tank so... around 75mpg.

xgrafcorex 2007-01-17 15:00

yea, i've heard a number of people saying not to get a 250 cause you'd get bored with it, hell i've had a client of ours say not to buy a 600 for the same reason! i told him i'm not trying to flip the bike and test out my helmet the first time i go for a ride. :p so far i've driven a 93 f2 (or f3 i forget), a 92 f2..both of those are 600cc, a 100cc honda dirt bike, and a couple of those tiny ass 50cc bikes heh. i still suck at riding since i haven't done very much of it, and the little i have done is always random and i don't get to practice consistantly. i just gotta get the money to take the course and get my license to the side..then sign up and take it. then i'll have no excuse not to have my own bike.

corroded 2007-01-19 12:22

broke my cluth wire on my way back from work...had to drag my baby all the way back to the office compound. well not "all" that way...100 metres of so :p

have dragged her for more than 2kms thrice before...

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