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uuuuhhhhhhh 2002-09-20 18:01

Product of stupid math prof.
The moon stared chillingly over the dark forest
UUUUmmmmm my first song on this site....

A cool summerĺs breeze passed along her
The night sky has seen her many of times
But she remained laying in the same crimson mud
Beauty left her so long ago
She was the Venus of a new dayĺs dawn
Come forth to set earth on it knees
Though she would regret the Dark cold night that her soul was forced away.

Her hands grabbed and pulled at the dirt
Screaming for godĺs help
The shrill of her voice, muffled by the ground
She fought hard
Blood filled the air
Nude and Half living
She was given the final stab
Raped and
By her


morbid_death 2002-09-20 20:28

good job uuuuhhhhhh :D

Lord Malphas 2002-09-21 11:52

kick ass ! :beer:

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