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Gigantic Penis 2002-09-17 21:47

chord playing
ok, i thought this thread may have been made before so i did a search, but nothing came up, so here's my problem.

i got a big book of guitar chords that has a picture for each chord. well, i cant even move my fingers like that. how can i improve my finger movement and get better control of moving each individual finger in a different direction?

alexguitargodbu 2002-09-17 23:07

simple. make them stronger.

You need lots of finger excercises and you need to do them a lot.
Do yourself a huge favour and get a clasical guitar. Get a clasical guitar teacher too
beleive me youll kik ass.

If you dont have one oh well just finger pik with an electric.
Cromatic death:
|--------------------------------1234---------and bak down|

the think you need to remember is lots of things. uh just use all your fingers and keep em down as your fingering the next notes. keep your pinky curved to help make it stronger. dont let it straigen out when you press down on it. ther is other stuff but fuk it for now...

Now, the ultimate finger excercise; this helps with everything.

The spider:
|3--2--1--4-four times----------|

Keep going up the fret board like this.

i go down and bak the fret board.
So basicly, keep your pinky working or youll suk. never revert to use your third finger only.

Anyways, the best advice I could give you is to follow good advice. and this is good advice. youll be finger those chords in no time.

Gigantic Penis 2002-09-18 15:48

okey dokey! thanks.

mrweijia 2002-09-18 17:39

for chords, start solw, but make sure its accurate and that your fingers and hands arent tense thats very important, if it is yuo'll have a hard time doing anything and it'll fuck up everyhtin you've learnt. remember, SLOW AND STEADY!!

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