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maggot666 2006-09-02 02:40

How to Improve your drumming skill!?
Hey dude, give us some tips and techniques how to improve drumming skills...!

Just post and I'll be happy :uzi:

CompelledToLacerate 2006-09-02 14:02

Use a metronome. Do different sticking excersises to improve your fluency. That's all I can think of.

Oh, actually, I have one more for beginning drummers who are having trouble with cordinating their limbs and being able to just play even a simple 4/4 beat. Just something someone taught me.

Rub your tummy with your right hand, pat your head with your left, and roll your right foot clockwise.

Added bonus; tap with your left foot.

If you can do that, you are 1 step closer to playing drums. Again, this is just for beginning drummers who have no idea how to play.

maggot666 2006-09-02 14:58

Will that sorta help me!?
I dont think so!
I know how to play but I found out that I'm not improving, I'm so sick of repeating them!! :mad:

CompelledToLacerate 2006-09-02 15:13

Well, you said "us" so I took that as meaning the whole forum.

And if you're not improving, it's because you're not pushing yourself. You can play a simple paradiddle at a certain speed perfectly, but you won't get any faster unless you push yourself.

maggot666 2006-09-02 15:29

Ah, thanks for the advice, from now on, i'll push my self to hard to get them!
Coz i like slipknot songs, I'm practicing the song disasterpiece, and It is a really hard song you know!

CompelledToLacerate 2006-09-02 21:50

Originally Posted by maggot666
Ah, thanks for the advice, from now on, i'll push my self to hard to get them!
Coz i like slipknot songs, I'm practicing the song disasterpiece, and It is a really hard song you know!

.... I wouldn't be posting that kind of stuff like that on here. but then again, the worst thing you could get is an angry post, so forget what I said.

IF you hadn't realized it, Slipknot is probably the least favorite band here.

And I've just realized that this whole thread has basically been a conversation with you rather than a thread, so it would be nice if other people chimed in their 2 cents here.

Requiem 2006-09-02 22:09


CompelledToLacerate 2006-09-02 22:29

See what I mean?

Requiem 2006-09-02 22:30


CompelledToLacerate 2006-09-02 22:44

Don't worry. We'll make the new padawan see our true and dark ways.

Requiem 2006-09-02 22:44

yes come to the dark side,motherfucker

metal_monkey 2006-09-02 22:59

no luke use the force and run

Requiem 2006-09-02 23:00

haha or use the force to touch little boys i bet Michael Jackson is a jedi

CompelledToLacerate 2006-09-02 23:15

Mace Windu- white nigguh, die!

Requiem 2006-09-02 23:18

lmao wtf hey whats your msn

CompelledToLacerate 2006-09-02 23:19

I don't have msn. I have aol.

But I always use Explorer. it's faster.

Requiem 2006-09-02 23:21

damn that sucks

maggot666 2006-09-03 03:05

Why you said that band is least favorite here!? They're nice huh!
i know they fuck things up! But those fuck are good! :mad:

maggot666 2006-09-03 05:14

Hey, why is that band forbidden here!?

CompelledToLacerate 2006-09-03 11:38

Because they suck. I think some of their songs are catchy, but ultimately, they suck. They haven't changed their technique or playing for the better, they have 9 members but only use like 5. They are a group of corporate prostitutes in coveralls and masks.

The only good member that I think does work in that band is Joey. No he's not the best drummer, but compared to the other members, he works alot more than the others.

Corey sings like a pussy.

Mick and James play in binary code half the time. Their "guitar solos" suck. And they are so overrated it isn't even funny.

Craig has sex with his instrument all the time.

Sid... is Sid, and that's bad enough.

Chris and Shawn.... well, they probably have more potential than they are showing. If you have three drummers in your band, USE THEM!

Paul.... two words; root notes. That's all he is.

Slipknot is no more than a "gateway" band, a band that will eventually open you up to a variety of better metal music. There is much better music out there.

And the band is forbidden from here because they aren't true metal.

And this thread is going to be locked, I think. So far it's turned from being a thread about drumming tips into a two way conversation between me and Maggot, then me and Requiem, and now it's turning into a Slipknot-hate thread.

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