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MorbidGuitar 2006-08-22 22:29

The smilies here at MT kinda suck ballsack. Maybe that was the plan all along though, so nobody uses them? Well either way they really suck. I got an assload of good ones if you want.

blizzard_beast 2006-08-22 22:50

:idea: :behead:

BassBehemoth 2006-08-22 23:54

I remember when we got new ones...IT WAS SO FUN. :alc: :band: :horse: :spider: :banger: :finger: :smoke: :rofl: :banger: :beer2: :grave: :tomato: :handed: :guitar:

That's what all the posts looked like. haha. :lhdevil:

MorbidGuitar 2006-08-23 19:06

Actully i should reword that, we should get different ones in the MAIN post area.

Requiem 2006-09-08 14:31

We should all find some new ones post them here and see if Nomad aprroves of them.

autumncurve 2006-10-06 06:32

this would be the most useful one i can think of

Cunty Shunt 2006-12-07 01:49

Actually the relapse board (sucks now though) has the best one ever. It's a picture of Fenriz of Darkthrone gripping an invisible grapefruit.
Can be used in place of wrods such as: |< \/ |_ T and gr1m. Haha

brainsforbreakfast 2006-12-07 06:02

Why would we need more smileys? Everytimewe hadnew ones, everyone loves them, and after a week they are hardly ever used.
About 90% of the smileys we have aren't used.

fatdanny 2006-12-07 08:21

Smilies are shit. What's wrong with words?

brainsforbreakfast 2006-12-07 16:06

A generation of idiots that grew up looking at picture books instead of reading?

Sycophant 2006-12-08 03:46

Sometimes you can't tell when people are being sarcastic on the internet... that's where smilies come in though you could always go "j/k" ...
some smilies are just retarted though... like who is EVER going to need the 'riding on a horse' one??

PST 88 2006-12-08 04:32

See, this is a complaint I don't believe. For centuries, authors could convey sarcams using nothing but text, but magically the ability to do so evaporated with the advent of the internet? Bullshit.

But I bet Alex'll add onto the number of stupid smilies if you guys want.

Sycophant 2006-12-08 04:39

Ha, very true, I never considered that. Alot of people type like shit on the internet anyway, and you can't tell what the hell they mean even it's in perfect English.. I say lack of puncuation marks and shit like just saying 'ok' have alot to do with it.

L,B'XXX 2006-12-17 14:31

I agree. Especially if you know the person's internet personality. The only one here I'd change is to put the :birthday: on the main list.
I had a bunch of crazy ones on one of the old tc's, but that's when we had a bomb set up and as an admin assistant I could upload them. A few people submitted them to me to do it. The garden forum I'm on has some cool ones. They don't have a HB one at either place.

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