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PST 88 2002-09-12 23:32

Well, as y'all may or may not have noticed, I've been goin on every now and then for months about this band Necrofucker, which is, in my opinion, the best thrash band to come out of the 90's. Unfortunately, they only recorded a live album for a label, Ignition Records, which has since gone under, and the lone cd has long been out of print.

Well, finally, I've found mention of them. At what's apparently their official website, , I found out that the band's actually still around. Just figured I'd share in case anyone wanted to check em out. It's sorta lackin in content though.

And this goes without sayin, but this is NOT spam. I'm not in this goddamn band, never been in it, and never been in any band, for that matter. So anyone who's got nothing better to say than 'SPAMMER' can fuck off and die in that special hell for dumbasses.

Freezer666 2002-09-12 23:58

apparantly the album is queued on an ftp on which i just set to download everything recursively:)

slayme_returns 2002-09-13 00:00

which ftp would this be freezer? beware, there are tons of false necrofucker mp3s out there.

PST 88 2002-09-13 00:25

Yeah, that's sorta surprising dude. You got the titles? If they're legit, I'd appreciate copies of em dude, that'd really help me out. But seriously, you'd be surprised how often I've seen shit even as blatant as Slayer songs right of the cd put under the Necrofucker title. It almost seems like the band's deliberately fuckin with what few fans it has.

Freezer666 2002-09-13 06:45

ah crap i was just tired and mis-read...its necrodeath after all :/

Gigantic Penis 2002-09-13 10:05

Necrofucker is a stupid name..........

i think it is a bad idea to put a swear word in your band name, it can be hard to advertise in places.....

just my opinion..........

Freezer666 2002-09-13 10:14

yeah they shouldve named themselves Gigantic Penis :rolleyes:

Gigantic Penis 2002-09-13 10:16

Originally posted by Freezer666
yeah they shouldve named themselves Gigantic Penis :rolleyes:

i retarded forum name is different.........

Freezer666 2002-09-13 10:17

how so?:P

Gigantic Penis 2002-09-13 10:21

a band is a big project you can spend years building, a forum name is something that takes 5 minutes to create........

Freezer666 2002-09-13 10:39

yeah i can see you didnt spend much time on your name =p

atifman 2002-09-13 11:59

so is this a real band, or is it just a joke between you and slayme, 'cause i always thought it was.

PST 88 2002-09-13 14:29

I wouldnt post a bullshit thread in my own forum dude. There's definitely a band.

PsychoHoliday 2002-09-14 00:59

Atifman, the joke is that you havent even heard these guys. They are pretty hard to find but they're fucken badass. Their guitarist definitely has some gigantic skill and writes badass shit. I wanna hear more of their shit though, the few songs ive heard I probably listened to 1000 times each cause its some bombastic shiznit.

atifman 2002-09-15 22:28

you listened to it 1000 times eh? that must mean you have a few mp3s.....why don't you upload it to slayme's folder then.........

slayme_returns 2002-09-15 23:17

the website says they're gonna re-release their first album soon, and they're gonna add some mp3s.

PST 88 2002-09-16 00:17

That's true. I'm fuckin lookin forward to that man. My fuckin friend, Erik, had somethin leaked from their recordin: fuckin heavy dude! Their fuckin guitarist man, what the fuck's his name? Anyone know his real name(what the fuck's up with that fuckin 'no names' shit? what're they, Project Mayhem? I the only one thinks that's a bit fucked?)? Dont matter anyway, love his goddamn riffs.

By the way, slayme, psychoholiday, anyone got any idea who they got for a drummer?

slayme_returns 2002-09-16 00:29

nope, the site says Lombardo was rumoured to be gigging with 'em, but not now. I know a guy that works at the Voodoo Lounge in Austin and he, apparently talked to one of the guys recently. Told me that they're in talks with a label that they wouldn't name and they did a few secret gigs with ex-Machine Head drummer Chris Kontos.

PST 88 2002-09-16 00:33

Yeah, Lombardo prolly aint tourin with em over Slayer. I wouldnt tour with em over Slayer. Well, maybe, cause I'd be less resented by the Necrofucker fans than by the Slayer fans. Kontos though eh? He was fuckin badass on Burn My Eyes, that could be damn cool.

PsychoHoliday 2002-09-16 00:44

Man, that would be badass if lombardo was down for the job. I have no clue who they're gonna get. And true, id play with slayer over el necro but thats nothin against el fucker by a long shot.

Atifman. . . I wish i could dude, i really fucken wish so i could enlighten a certain man de tif, but it has been common knowledge for years now that my computer sufferes a condition called "blowing cock." It has crashed and got viruses consistantly now for quite some time so i dont have el mp3s. Witch really fucken sucks cause id be listenin to em right now. If anybody has any fucken necorfucker mp3s send em to me!

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