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Raven427 2002-09-12 17:03

I dont understand 9th chords please help
I understand what makes chords Major, Minor, 6, sus, aug, dim, 7th, flat and sharp. What makes up the 9th Chords Like C9 for example?

ADE 2002-09-12 18:26

I hope to undestand your question...

The 9th chords are composed by the 1th, 3th, 5th, 7th and 9th notes, (in DO, the 9th note is RE <--- the octave advanced one, to add to the Chord) if the chord is 9th ADD, u must remove the 7th note.

Pablo 2002-09-19 15:17

here is an example:

G|------4------- <-------- 9th

The 9th is the 2nd 1 octave higher


Raven427 2002-09-19 15:24

Thanks a lot guys!

Pablo 2002-09-19 15:35

anytime, dude!

ADE 2002-09-20 10:28

Yeah, remember that the 7th is "bemolle", aehm.. i hope u undestand

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