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northerndragon 2006-07-20 06:49

irish folk music / blind guardian scales
i'd like to know what the following styles of music and bands use as far as scales and what they do to get the sound out of the scale they do (what chords/arpeggios they emphasize etc)

Irish folk music/celtic folk
I understand a lot the time, everything is in unison very fast and a lot of instruments but what else?

Blind Guardian
what do they do to get the sound they have? what scales are present and more specifically what do they emphasize in "The Bards Song"

Zeppelin 2006-07-30 23:37

I'd like to hear an answer to the Blind Guardian part of this. I'm thinking Harmonic Major which is a totally cool scale.

neoclassical 2006-08-02 18:23

Pentatonic minor for Irish folk music. Any of the pentatonic variations including the blues scale have been used for centuries by the Irish.

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