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img2002 2002-09-07 20:50

Want A Record Deal Or A Free Demo Review?

Now Accepting Submissions from up and coming Artists to Showcase their material to Top Producers, A&R Managers, Publishers, and Major Record Labels. FREE to the first 50 Artists to respond!!!

Want a Record Deal with Free Distribution, Free Promotion...

Follow the link...


*If for any reason our webpage doesn't come up e-mail for further details. NOTE: Reply to this message through our webpage or e-mail only!!!

walpurgis 2002-09-07 20:57

Sorry asshole, but your SPAM is fucked.

Gigantic Penis 2002-09-07 21:14

:homer: "mmmmmmmmmmmm.......spam......."

Gigantic Penis 2002-09-07 21:15

didnt he make this thread a long time ago?

walpurgis 2002-09-07 21:25

That's probably why he has 3 posts...

Gigantic Penis 2002-09-07 21:29

i dont get why people waste time advertising on forums.......
their only reaching a few people, and those people think it is dumb.......

Gigantic Penis 2002-09-07 21:31

oh one more thing, i heard that these people that ask for you to submit material are really just scam artists....maybe they try to get you to submit un-copywritten material so they can steal it......

metal=life 2002-09-08 01:17

thats how bands like limp dick, korn, and shit like that got i'll give a nice big warm "FUCK YOU" to img2002:D

far_beyond_sane 2002-09-08 05:01

Advertise in your own space, you stinking dollop of fetid pantywaste.

Can't believe this isn't closed yet.

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