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metal=life 2002-09-03 18:54

Black Fuckin Metal!!!!
thank GOD for BLACK METAL!!!...err...i dunno if he's the one to think..but i would like to know ur favorite b.metal bands excluding all the popular ones like darkthrone, burzum, mayhem...blah blah blah.:behead:

memnoch 2002-09-03 19:07

Dimmu Borgir.

powersofterror 2002-09-03 19:31

if you consider old mans child, and kalmah, "black metal"
then i pick those, because that all i can think of right now

Darkenelf 2002-09-04 02:21


morbid_death 2002-09-04 02:42

ASTRIAAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!

Amon Amarth (sorta)
Destroyer 666 (a little death metal, but who gives a fuck)
Bal-Sagoth!!! (are quite black metal!)
Cradle of Filth (don't give a fuck if they are 'popular', its the amazing musicial composition that makes them popular)

blaaa blaaa and loads more.

Lord Malphas 2002-09-04 12:12

I`m too tired to write the band names .. but hey ! come visit my website if you want to .. my fav. bands are there .. (BTW not just Black Metal .. but most are)


CtHuLhU DaWn 2002-09-04 12:26

Arcturus and Nokturnal Mortum are fucking awesome

Lord Malphas 2002-09-04 12:33

My computer fucking sucks .. I can`t use my web-editor ...

well .. add to the list :

Destroyer 666
Carpe Tenebrum

memnoch 2002-09-04 13:54

Originally posted by ramy sidky
memnoch , dimmu borgir is my fav band in the whole world but they r fuckin famous !!!!

I would choose some underground bands (metal=life's request) if u know :

I'm not allowed to choose Dimmu??

Well fuck it then. They're the only black metal i listen to.

Tattered 2002-09-04 13:54

Iron Monkey
Cradle are ok

and Dimmu Borgir!:vampire: :beer:

LivinG-DeaD 2002-09-04 14:39

agathodaimon , asgaroth

trm 2002-09-04 15:32

first to come in mind are:

kalm (estonian band, now sadly defunct)

Blizzard Beast 2002-09-05 00:04

tatter3d Nasum

nasum is grindcore...but very cool nonetheless

blizzard beast

EpitomeOfEvil 2002-09-05 07:09

I'm with Memnoch, Dimmu should count no matter what :)
They are by far my fav band. Other bands are:

Satyricon on off occasions
Old Mans Child

(And yes he said non famous ones, but who cares? :rolleyes: )


metal=life 2002-09-05 07:31

I care because I made this thread u dumb fuck...:rolleyes: and i know everyone likes dimmu cause theyre fuckin awsome! thats why i dont wanna hear about them...

Disciple 2002-09-05 10:54

Originally posted by Lord Malphas
My computer fucking sucks .. I can`t use my web-editor ...

well .. add to the list :


= deathmetal. Excellent band though.

DerMeister 2002-09-05 12:50

If you call Kalmah black, then they belong here.
Dissection is the best there is.
And if you consider them black: Die Apokalyptischen Reiter. Fucking awesome. I call them Extreme Metal, but I've heard someone mention them as black.

And of course, the local band Frosthardr!

Machinegunman 2002-09-05 15:43

yeah die apokalyptischen reiter are fucking awesome. listen to em right now

Atheist 2002-09-05 16:52

Dimmu Borgir, Cradle = NWOGBM haha, just kidding.

Immortal is my favorite BM band. Emperor and Enslaved(though considered viking metal) are very good. Its all about the deathmetal though.

The Crying Orc 2002-09-05 16:57

Originally posted by memnoch

I'm not allowed to choose Dimmu??

Well fuck it then. They're the only black metal i listen to.

Yeah, I don't even listen to Black Metal at all now...I'm tired of the "Mystic Elf Troll In The Far Far Far North Icy Winds" bull-shit. Tell you all the truth, I hate Black Metal now, I find it annoying.
The only True Black Metal band is:
Impaled Northern Moon Forest, Seth rules on his Chest Drums. :)
can't forget Josh on the Acoustic. :D

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