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uuuuhhhhhhh 2002-08-25 12:04

ok...i had this fucking great idea for metal....dont laugh...ok...Native American Metal. The possabilities are endless...from Native american death metal to native black metal. take the harmony of nature and rip it to threads with a guitar....

memnoch 2002-08-25 12:13

You mean indian metal?

atifman 2002-08-25 13:08

not indian....native ass.

mrweijia 2002-08-25 13:09

or in other words... indian metal. oh and that reminds me, i had to drive through an indian reserve today. hehe

memnoch 2002-08-25 13:11

Originally posted by atifman
not indian....native ass.

Tomato,'s all the same deal.:cool:

uuuuhhhhhhh 2002-08-25 13:31

ya like have that little flute thinggy playing under some heavy guitar shit

atifman 2002-08-25 13:41


powersofterror 2002-08-25 19:05

Originally posted by uuuuhhhhhhh
ya like have that little flute thinggy playing under some heavy guitar shit

you don't know much about native americans, do ya?
there is no flute crap, unless you thinking of atcual Indian music(from india)

no, native american is very kickass drumming with a lot of cool drunkenlike
lyrics, i have a couple of american indian albums. but you do bring up a point
that would be some weird ass music
i know this because i used to sing and dance at powwows
i was a grass dancer,:cool: but that was atleast a couple of years
ago i stopped because it took up too much time

uuuuhhhhhhh 2002-08-25 21:05

dude they have like that recorder (instrument) navajo know the flute thinggy what every they call it....damn memory....i use to do powwow and stuff like that to...never danced or anything

nasty-p 2002-08-25 21:27

i actually know some native amercan childrens rhymes
that would kick ass

far_beyond_sane 2002-08-26 06:09

Hmm. That IS a good idea.

No-one's really done Australian Aboriginal metal either...

It's just waiting to happen.

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