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JacksonGuitars07 2006-04-18 21:48

What Jazz artists/bands would play a style in similar to say, the jazzy interludes and leads that a band such as Sleep Terror plays? I am looking for that style jazz as opposed to this laid back Kenny G type stuff in my household. Any reccomendations would be greatly appreciated.


Also, what are some good sites to learn about jazz theory/extended chords in scale/jazz progressions/scales/soloing?

problematic 2006-04-18 23:27

Originally Posted by Luke on the smnnews forums
Check out Naked City's 'Black Box' or their first album (s/t). Bill Frissel's playing really influenced me jazz-wise. Also Mr. Bungle's 'Disco Volante', or Meshuggah's Contradictions Collapse (great metal/fusion album and ahead of its time). Keep in mind these are more free-form jazz influenced records and bands, not typical radio or modern jazz which is why I dig on it so much.

pretty much answers your question Sleep Terror wise - but I personally haven't heard them.

But it's Luke!

Edit: ... And buy a book or some shit, its much easier than going through all these sites... You do know it's basically improvisation right? So just play some random chords clean and do a random solo over the top.

:p No, It's not that easy.

JacksonGuitars07 2006-04-19 05:25

I know basic extended chords and scales, but I want to really be able to play and know what the hell I am doing. I know how to play 6th, min6th, MajMin 7, Min7 etc. chords but knowing when to use each chord and which progressions to use is a different story.

Unanything 2006-04-19 14:29

Contradictions Collapse has some of the greatest jazz content EVER! And mixed with Megadeth-style thrash! Thorendal is a jazz god. I recently tabbed a solo of his. It's in the Incomplete Tabs forum. THAT'S godly freeform!

The Red Chord are doing some great jazz stuff, but that ego and unfunny teenage stoner arrogant humour shows through sometimes...

matterthief 2006-07-10 11:51

Originally Posted by JacksonGuitars07
Any reccomendations would be greatly appreciated.

Roll yourself a fatty and go to a jazz club :stoned:

amerok 2006-07-12 21:46

80% of jazz songs have a ii - V - I progression in them. if youre serious about learning some jazz, buy a fake book. although id recommend buying the 'real book', anyone will do. fake books are just big books with lots of standards in them - your local music shop should have them. take some simple songs and comp to them. understand and comp to songs first before trying to solo over them or it is extremely easy get lost. feel free to leave me a message as i have some experiance playing live jazz and may be able to help you out.

jazzmetalguitar 2006-07-13 09:11

as you start working with the jazz songs, progressively more into more experimentally written pieces. it is not only the melodic aspect of music theory which is important for jazz, it is the rhythmic aspect as well. challenge yourself with complex changes and understand how these changes work.

YJM04 2006-07-16 12:44

learn all normal scales in modes and learn exotic scales too. learn pitch acess theory and practice changing modualy over a drone note. practice improvising like this too. and notice the differnt shapes and colors you create. i like practicin with a tampura, brings out extra flava in some scales well just experiment too

tchambliss 2006-07-16 23:06

Another common Jazz chord progression is the I7- vi7- ii7- V7- IV7. . . . it really sounds good too. . .. but that is just a personal opinion on Generic ass Jazz.

maggot666 2006-09-02 03:00

Yup, jazz is the best, there are so many jazz bands around the globe.! :cool:

sixsicsix 2006-09-03 13:39

name 3

Requiem 2006-09-03 14:30


sixsicsix 2006-09-03 14:33

haha jazz?

i'd say necrophagist can be pretty jazzy at times

Requiem 2006-09-03 14:35

same for Cryptopsy

sixsicsix 2006-09-03 14:43

yes, but when I want jazz I reach for weather report or bela fleck

YJM04 2006-09-03 19:07

Originally Posted by sixsicsix
yes, but when I want jazz I reach for weather report

i dunno i kinda would count them as funk. but their still kickass

Necro_Butcher 2006-09-04 15:27

my jazz teachers website

sixsicsix 2006-09-04 17:59

Originally Posted by YJM04
i dunno i kinda would count them as funk. but their still kickass

I always though jazz and funk kinda went hand-in-hand

Requiem 2006-09-04 18:17

Nah theres a big difference

Learn a funk song and learn a jazz song youll notice the differnce

tmfreak 2006-09-04 19:41

Originally Posted by sixsicsix
name 3

I'm not going to say ythis band is "jazz" But between the buried and me.. they have some SERIOUS jazz / blues influence in their music. Its obvious their guitarists especially their lead guitarist is heavily into jazz. Some of his clean solos are rediculous.Not so much crazy (they can be at times..) but the rhythm and style is.. pretty freaking impressive.

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