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yeyah 2002-08-23 18:43

Bassist here, looking for 2 guitarists.
I know this is mentioned in my sig, but I'm looking for 2 guitarists, ages 15-19, in Los Angeles County. My drummer and myself are looking to play some melodic thrash, and a little bit of power metal, with some death elements thrown in. Think Iced Earth meets Opeth, with Iron Maiden. If you're interested, please contact me.

slayme_returns 2002-08-23 18:54

I can play every single Opeth, Iced Earth and Maiden album plus I've got 10 years experience in a few bands and been on the road. I'm 24 though, guess I'm out.

age discriminating motherfucker.



where's atifman and walpurgis?

atifman 2002-08-23 21:46

what? :confused: suck! :mad:

mrweijia 2002-08-23 21:50

why;d you post here? most of the people here dotn live in LA. you're a doofus

atifman 2002-08-23 22:00

Originally posted by mrweijia
you're a doofus

hey hey....... no need for profanity now......:angel:

walpurgis 2002-08-23 22:58

Hehehe...he said dingleberry...

SPAM tastes like shit! Avoid it at all costs!

Bye bye thread, hello porn :)

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