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Zertonshfits 2006-03-22 18:15

Searching for answers.
Hey, Ive noticed that there are alot more threads with "SEARCH YOU FUCKING N00B" then there are answers to questions. So maybe you guys could go through and mark threads as being ones with/without the answer to the question? Or maybe put them in an order as most helpful to least in the search?


Transient 2006-03-22 18:45

how the hell would you do that

ImBored 2006-03-22 19:06


but from now on if i help someone im marking the post with a string of random numbers and letters. then when anyone asks the same question I can just spam that string.

if they dont have the initiative to search for it, then I kill their son

davie_gravy 2006-03-22 19:08

You'd have to add some sort of relevance object to the threads. I don't see it being very feasible. You just gotta use better keywords in your search to narrow it down to real answers. An advanced search engine would be alot better if we could have AND/OR operators as well as wildcards.

sqol 2006-03-22 19:17

Or........ you could always just use the in-built ratings system for threads, seeing as thats kinda its purpose ;)

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