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far_beyond_sane 2002-08-18 01:32

It's stupider than your average 'tabber...

far_beyond_sane 2002-08-18 01:34

... to say nothing of

far_beyond_sane 2002-08-18 01:35

...and who could forget the "Push A Person Down The Stairs" game....

Tattered 2002-08-18 03:49

..the people who make them sites are totally screwed in the head..why did i just waste my time visiting them...:smash:

Nemo 2002-08-18 04:57

Sane, do you know what? When I visited these links, a voice said, in the back of my twisted mind:"Hey, this is fun!". Where the hell do you find these things?

Tattered 2002-08-18 05:07

lol the ''introducing monday'' is quite funny..but still pretty gay

AngelOfDeath 2002-08-19 08:42

ooh! beat up a nazi kitten! hehe annd.... everybody's all time favourite! : pussy cat

I need a hobby. :rolleyes:

AngelOfDeath 2002-08-19 08:54

and this one. its a bondage cow.

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