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far_beyond_sane 2002-08-17 23:59

FTP lists & requests
Post any song you would like to have in here or questions about the new FTP.

(In case you missed the news, we have an FTP server now, thanks to Slayme, the nice community minded person)

e.g. Right now I'm looking for any files from Ebony Tears (except Demon Ride)

OpethRules 2002-08-18 00:06

There isnt any megadeth on there, I'm gonna send him a few songs to start him off with.......

memnoch 2002-08-18 00:25

It's slayme's FTP and it's his choice what goes up there, but personally i don't think we need any Metallica/Megadeth/Slayer or any other "huge" band mp3s on there. Most people already have the cds, or the mp3s.

I think concentrating more on lesser known bands would be better......but it's up to him. If he's got hundreds of gigs to waste, then go ahead with all the popular stuff too.

Anyways......i'm looking for mp3's of Beheaded's latest album "Recounts of Disembodiment", and also ANY mp3's from Gorguts' first 2 albums.

slayme_returns 2002-08-18 00:27

thanks sane, it's not quite an FTP though but eh.

If it seems slow to you guys its because like I said earlier, I'm but one guy.

if anyone has the new Hate Eternal or Sepultura lemme know in here.

powersofterror 2002-08-18 00:47

i feel like an idiot for asking, but
what is an FTP server

MetalPoldi 2002-08-18 08:36

Ive got the Beheaded-CD and from Gorguts ive got "from wisdom to hate", if youre looking for that CD.

Where i can find all the songs youve got on your FTP? Or do i have to search the whole board, where youve put some links? And how i can i send you some songs?

CtHuLhU DaWn 2002-08-18 09:42

Originally posted by powersofterror
i feel like an idiot for asking, but
what is an FTP server

File Transfer Protocol...
It means exchanging of files form while being linked to the source.

slayme? is there anyway i can connect to yours with CuteFTP?

And i wanna see some Eibon (not mirror soul jesus), some christ inversion and some Body and Blood :)

MetalPoldi 2002-08-18 09:55

If we submit some songs. Shall we winzip them, or not?

Dying Fetus would be cool.

Gigantic Penis 2002-08-18 10:51

wait im confused....i have a lot of cds, should i download them on my pc and then send them to his server so as to share the songs?

if anyone has any blaze bayley solo album songs, id like them.....

OpethRules 2002-08-18 11:11

I'll be fine if people actually submit at least a few bands with songs where they actually sing....I'm getting really annoyed with finding new bands only to find them using a screaming or growling voice.

Freke 2002-08-18 11:40

Id appreciate it if someone could upload some CoC, both early and later, and also some Cannibal Corpse would be good!

Machinegunman 2002-08-18 12:47

can i upload some karma to burn songs?

slayme_returns 2002-08-18 13:51

Alright, sorry about the delay but I was sleepin like a mofo. Here's what I received overnight:

Devourment - Festering Vomitous Mass
Night In Gales - From Ebony Skies(Thunderbeast Version)
Night In Gales - Intruder
01 Broken Thoughts of Righteousness

Ok, what is the bandname that goes along with that last track I listed? Anyways, these are ready to go.

CtHuLhU - no you can't connect with an ftp client since its not an ftp.

Everyone else, have fun and don't be stupid.

slayme_returns 2002-08-18 13:58

by the way, i'm puttin some more new rips up today.

memnoch 2002-08-18 14:52

Originally posted by MetalPoldi
Ive got the Beheaded-CD and from Gorguts ive got "from wisdom to hate", if youre looking for that CD.

If you could turn those into mp3s, i'd love you!

And to slayme....the last track you mentionned without a band name is by Beheaded.

I could upload some Enter My Silence for anyone.

OpethRules 2002-08-18 15:07

I still think we should put megadeth and ozzy on there, just for kicks.

slayme_returns 2002-08-18 16:11

Sorry guys but I gotta close it down for the day. For some reason it's not recognizing the wma and mp3 ID3 track tags so I need to go in and edit them. ALL of them. Its either that or let you try and find the shit you want through a big mess of mislabeled shite.

It'll be back up late tonight or early in the am.

sorry to all my international friends.

far_beyond_sane 2002-08-19 07:11

Originally posted by MetalPoldi

Dying Fetus would be cool.

I'll put some Fetus up.

AngelOfDeath 2002-08-19 08:40

If anyone can put up Tiamat - The Malicious Paradise and The Sign of the Pentagram, then I'll love them enternally... pwetty please with cherrys and cream :) :love: lol

DerMeister 2002-08-19 12:02

How about Kalmah?
And Thy Pain, couldn't find them.

Metallica can be found anywhere anyway, and Slayme will probably get sued....We don't want that.

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