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band357 2006-03-07 15:43

Adding sheet music?
As a drummer, I find it much easier to write out drum parts with programs such as Finale, rather than notepad :)
It's fairly easy to make jpg or pdf copies of sheet music from these programs. It would be awesome if there was a place to display this stuff alongside of tabs, if possible. I know part of the beauty of using tabs is that you don't have to know how to read music. But tabs work best for guitarists, not drummers. And I think part of the allure of tab websites, such as this, is that you can learn how to play songs you hear and enjoy, not just that you can't read sheet music.
Perhaps a way to include jpgs, pdf's, or sheet music in some format could be considered? Or at least a forum section for it?

band357 2006-03-07 17:12

jpg sample of some work I'm doing:

guitar_demon 2006-03-07 18:02

i havnt looked but i dont think we even have enough drum tabs to warrent their own format

i could be wrong, you should post in the rtt or something to get more drummers in here for their input

band357 2006-03-07 19:03

well, I figured that sheet music can work equally well for guitarists and bassist.
A lot of people who know their instrument well, and are able to tab music and transcribe it can already read sheet music. I would think that it would be a nice alternative to tab, simply b/c the rhythm is written out, as well as other information is a clearer way than tablature.

guitar_demon 2006-03-07 19:29

thats true, I can read it but I took two years of music theory in school. for guitarists and bassists though its not as easy to read the sheet music. for drums (im assuming) it tells you to play the bass, you only have one bass or it will tell you to play the hi-hat. on piano it will tell you the exact note to play (like c4 or a5 etc) but on guitar we have like 12 different c notes so which one would oyu play. as far as the rhythym being written out. why would you learn a song you never heard and didnt know who it went? if your learning it you should know the song already imo.
its a good idea, not trying to knock it down or anything

Transient 2006-03-07 19:31

i dont think many drummers actually use drum tabs anyways man

band357 2006-03-07 20:33

due in part b/c it's silly to try and read... very difficult to type up, read, etc.

As far as guitar sheet music, there are specified places for each different C, etc. There is a standardized method, and what C you play depends on what octave it is, and where it falls on the sheet music. It's fairly standard. Guitar sheet music exists all over the place... just not for good band :D

And I know there are a lot of drummers hunger for music, b/c it provides a lot of assistance, and promotes creative, lending ppl ideas, fills, patterns, etc. Again, there are a lot of sheet music books available for drums, just not ones with great bands. It would be nice to have a lot of metal sheet music, no?

guitar_demon 2006-03-07 21:28

there is sheet music specifically for guitar? never seen any

band357 2006-03-07 22:59

yeah... it's just standard sheet music, but guitar frets (i.e. notes) correspond with the equivalent notes on the staff... go to your nearest guitar store. There should be many books with guitar music in them.
Oh, btw, I love your hobbes avatar. Calvin and Hobbes are godly.

metal_monkey 2006-03-08 01:11

of course there is guitar sheet music you just have to know all your frets and which notes they are

travI56669 2006-03-11 18:06

Lets be honest, how many metalheads really know sheet music?

band357 2006-03-11 20:49

that's sorta pathetic

Dyldo 2006-03-11 21:44

Originally Posted by travI56669
Lets be honest, how many metalheads really know sheet music?

You'd be surprised. Besides, reading sheet music is beyond easy if you're older than 5.

metal_monkey 2006-03-11 22:40

reading sheet music is fucking piss remebering where the notes are on the fretboard is a bitch and also wouldnt it be sort of more illegal and have the mpa making a huge bitch over it

Dyldo 2006-03-11 22:45

The fact that people are too lazy to gain some knoweldge of guitar (something alot of them plan to be spending their life with) is another topic. I'm not sure if drum music is easy to read, but I know alot of drummers that do know how to read it. Tabs aren't "illegal", either. I also can't imagine the sheet music being any more of a deal with the MPA.

Adding sheet music would be a cool idea and we would definatly be the only metal site I know of with sheet music. Could attract alot of people. But if the effort Nomad and tabbers put into it wouldn't be appreciated, then we shouldn't. I'm for it.

metal_monkey 2006-03-11 22:48

but still isnt the site called metaltabs not metaltabs and sheet music

guitar_demon 2006-03-12 09:50

well the sites not called metal forums either, but hey look what we have

band357 2006-03-12 10:47

Drum music is no harder/easier than guitar music, it's just a little different. Again, a sample

I'm glad some of you like the idea... those who don't seem to be unable to read sheet music. Perhaps, like I posted elsewhere, some people would be kind enough to write some excersizes in reading and playing sheet music. I certainly would.
But at any rate, I'm going to continue notating sheet music, and will post it here, and if it gets decided to make it an available option on the main site, then that will be great... I hope it turns out well. There's a post for it in the Tab Request forum.

Paddy 2006-03-19 09:33

My 2 cents :p

I've personally toyed with the idea of transcribing sheet music along with the tab in programs like Finale and Sibelius, as you'd find in the "official" guitar books. I wouldn't mind the extra effort involved, and I agree with Darko, it'd make this website unique and far more popular. It'd have to be the tab AND the sheet music though, because as a few chaps have already mentioned fretted instruments have the same notes on several different parts of the neck, so you'd need to know which one's to use!

If Nomad was up for it, I'd gladly get stuck in and re-tab all of the songs I've already submtted as sheet music hehe. It's much more pleasent to play from a tab like that than from the ASCII version, and it'd also make the tabber get off his/her arse and use proper note durations etc, making the song playable without the need of the track playing in the background, as is the case with most ASCII tabs.

As far as the legality is concerned, the sheet music is just as much an "amateur interpretation" as the tabs are. They just look a little prettier. I reckon sheet music would also improve your abilities as a musician more than standard tabs would ;)

TruthDevoid 2006-03-22 16:40

Personally, I think it's a great idea.

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