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Gigantic Penis 2002-08-14 21:54

want to make a demo
my band has decided to make a 6 song demo and send copies of it all over the place, can anyone here give me any tips or advice for when we record it and where the best place is to send them?

morbid_death 2002-08-14 22:31

alternative radio station
underground producers
youth festival managers


Gigantic Penis 2002-08-14 22:33

is 6 songs too much, not enough or just right?

morbid_death 2002-08-14 22:35

thats ok. personaly, i'd go less. like 3 or 4, but make sure 50% contains songs with your most common elements and only a little bit of your different stuff.

mrweijia 2002-08-15 20:27

if you go to the websites of some companies, they'll have info on where to send demos and stuff.

Blizzard Beast 2002-08-16 17:42

There is a metal mag call Brave word and Bloddy Knuckles. They have a cd with every issue. Send the demo and if they like it they will put it on the compilation disc.

I think the wbsite is

If that doesnt work I'll find a better link

Hope this helps and good luck with your band!
Blizzard Beast

atifman 2002-08-16 22:59

check out the lessons by J.Yuenger at at the lessons place. he has some great advice, if you're really serious about making music in a band and stuff, definitely check it out

Gigantic Penis 2002-08-16 23:09

ok, lets say i send a demo to century media records or nuclear blast, or another label of that equivelent....will they actually listen to it or will it get thrown in a massive pile of demos and sit for months before its either listened to or thrown out?

i know big companies like Virgin or Sony wont listen.............

im really serious about wanting to make a quality demo and sending 1000+ copies anywhere possible all over the world........i got the songs all written, I've been working on them for about 8 months now trying to make em perfect...i picked my 6 favorite and wanna record em..

bigglen 2002-08-18 06:42

Ok, depending on how much work you wanna do, record each seperate track on to computer and use a program called Pro Tools Free which can be downlaoded off If you can learn to use this program and it can improve your sound 110%. Takes a lot of work though, that the only suggestion I have.

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