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Eternal Darkness 2006-02-26 15:04

help with triggers
i have a laptop computer with reason and cubase sx 3, a m-audio firewire 410 soundcard with midi support, a roland tmc-6 midi converter and a rt-7k trigger for kick drum.
i'm not great at using the software or anything but can someone help me set it up to run, preferable through cubase.
i have no idea how to set anything? please!
i know how to conect everythin up, thats easy but its the setting up in cubase and the midi converter.

NZ black metal drumm 2006-02-26 17:24

if I remember correctly when using Cubase, you have to assign a sample to a note which translates to a pad I think.

But I am not sure, I don't use triggers, and I don't use that function of Cubase.

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