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Clad in Shadows 2002-08-12 01:26

okay i've been getting really into them lately and they are probably my favorite band right now. I bought blackwater park a few days ago and im obsessed with it. What cd should i buy next? I'm leaning towards Morningrise..

morbid_death 2002-08-12 02:42

Still Life. maybe My Arms Your Hearse...but if you liked Blackwater Park, i'm definatly suggesting Still Life. Morningrise was more of a transition from their older style (Orchid) to their more modern works.

slayme_returns 2002-08-12 02:44

We have too many fucking Opeth topics, and none of them are specific.

"Blackwater Park"

post your Opeth shit here, its already well established.

far_beyond_sane 2002-08-12 06:10

Thank you. Beat me to it.

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