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philkilla 2006-02-16 21:38

New Cannibal anyone?

me likes....especially they did a few songs in G#...haha

younguitarist 2006-02-16 21:44

It's alright.

blizzard_beast 2006-02-16 21:54

Yeah, what yg said. Nothing mind blowing.

Tulvox 2006-02-16 22:27

For some reason I like it better than old CC.

Zionist 2006-02-16 22:45

Sounds like shit if you ask me, but I'm not dissapointed. I expected it to be crap.

PST 88 2006-02-16 22:53

It's cool to see them step back from the kinda dumb 'look how technical we can be' direction they seemed to've been going in since Pat joined up. Then again, aside from track two, which is some old-school goodness, it's pretty uninspired. Still, I appreciate the old schoolness.

DeathCS 2006-02-16 23:07

death walking terror is pretty sweet
i have a good feeling about this.
the quality of these are low, but it sounds like erik did a pretty good job.

Cunty Shunt 2006-02-16 23:09

If that's the real cover art it sucks 6 cocks and a dozen balls at once.

Infinity 2006-02-16 23:09

Omg G# is ridiculous although I can't wait to hear it.

Cloaca 2006-02-17 00:46

ZzzzzzzZzzzzz. George Fisher sounds like SHIT.

Cyberwaste 2006-02-17 01:18

It is in low quality, but you can tell the recording job is good, especially the drums. Ill have to hear the whole album clearly to make a judgement. Im sure there is some brutal shit on it.

travI56669 2006-02-17 01:36

Make them suffer is badass.... This is pretty old-school sounding wich is what I wanted..... :beer: Death walking terror was badass and the Discipline of revenge is cool..... Me likes....

ImBored 2006-02-17 08:02

I want to hear the instrumental closer. It had better be From Skin To Liquid pt 2.

Weiya 2006-02-17 08:31

this is some real killer stuff,waiten long to hear anything of their new album.
I like all samples very much,seems that they have changed quite a bit since the wretched spawn,seems like they don't play as much technical riffs as they ´they did in the last two albums and corpsegrinder also sounds different.
Anyway,I'm looking forward to buying this...CC is by far the best dm band anyway,xD

fatdanny 2006-02-17 08:38

The last 3 songs are good, but the others are very mediocre. I wish CC would get a new drummer...

The Doctor 2006-02-17 09:02

sounds all cool to me

Tattered 2006-02-17 09:13

Sounds good. :beer:

Unanything 2006-02-17 14:50


Fucking hell...

I can imagine Rutan doing a good job on it. Rutan is a pretty talented guy in nearly all aspects of making music.

TruthDevoid 2006-02-17 16:37

Originally Posted by fatdanny
I wish CC would get a new drummer...

I agree. I think Paul's drumming is what is holding them back. It's very bland an unoriginal. He needs to actually start using some creativity and not just putting blast beats everywhere.

MoonRaven 2006-02-17 16:47

still sounds like cannibal, i am pleased, this is going to be a definite purchase next month

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