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PST 88 2006-01-06 19:05

I like movies. If you're in here, you probably do too. We didn't have a thread dedicated to talking about movies, so now we do. Discuss, gush, recommend, whatever; I'll do the same. I personally watch just about everything and wouldn't mind discussing just about any kind of film, so somebody else get the ball rolling.

Six_Feet_Under_420 2006-01-06 19:42

A couple of days ago I saw king kong. Great movie.

Bia 2006-01-06 20:01

Will blow your mind. To this day...I am still blown away by the pure insanity and realism.

a trip on acid without doing acid. But not recomended for those with short attention span.

Most Clint Eastwood films....I enjoy too.

[edit] I am also a huge sci-fi fan....Alien series is my fav.

I HATE "chick flicks"

Agent-Orange 2006-01-06 20:04

Originally Posted by Six_Feet_Under_420
A couple of days ago I saw king kong. Great movie.

The first half was good, then the movie just dragged on.

Robbie Filth 2006-01-06 20:43

I watch alot of porn.

Cunty Shunt 2006-01-06 20:59

Hostile fucking sucked.
I had high hopes for this. It takes about an hour for anything to really happen. The gore parts sucked for the most part and there was hardly enough for it to be called a gorefest. Takashi Miike has a cameo.

Transient 2006-01-06 21:00

well you know my like for ingmar bergman movies. my parents just rented saraband but im not sure that ill watch it before i watch the predecessor...word has it that its massively different from his other work anyways

my favorite movie in terms of dialogue is hands down clerks. the opening 30 mintues of that film is a dry humour tour de force

my favorite action movies- none really, i dont dig action at all

favorit drama .... i dont even know. come to think of it , for the most part movies in my mind are a waste of time so i never watch them

Transient 2006-01-06 21:01

movie thread! goddamn!

Zertonshfits 2006-01-06 21:03

iwas gonna go see hat, thanks for the warning

Zertonshfits 2006-01-06 21:07

i lie watching movies, cause i find that movies are eiyther good, or funny :p

if it sucks, i just make fun of it

blizzard_beast 2006-01-06 21:16

Speaking of Bergman, I recently watched The Seventh Seal and Wild Strawberries. The guy's an amazing director, and I can't wait to view more of his work.

Does anyone else like Tarkovsky's work? I've only seen Andrei Rublev though, so what else could be recommended?

Tulvox 2006-01-06 21:33

I like chick flicks. I cried during Armageddon.

ShredIsNotDead 2006-01-06 21:52

Comedies - Wedding crashers, Deuce Biggalow:European Gigalo, airplane, anchorman, baseketball, team america

Others - Butterfly effect, Donnie Darko, Fight Club, October Sky.

I saw King Kong the other day too. I liked it a lot.

Has anybody seen the Machinist? I heard it was really fucked up, and i'm into those kind of movies. Somebody reccomend me some fucked up movies, movies that really make you think.

The Execrator 2006-01-06 22:07

One movie I really liked was Memento.

And for comedys, definitly Kung Pow. Hilarious movie.

Overall, I'm not a movie person. I don't really enjoy watching most movies. So this will be my first and last post in this thread.

kin 2006-01-06 22:18

Half Baked, most of James Bond stuff, The Killer, Don't Be A Menace, most Jackie Chan, white guy / black cop movies, like that Blue Streak one (I don't care, I like them), and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.


Infinity 2006-01-06 22:30

I know the best movies.

Donnie Darko [of course] - About time travel and shit and a 6ft tall bunny rabbit. Philosophical and shit, it rules.

The Dark Crystal - Awesome movie completely made of puppet actors its by Jim Henson [?] the guy behind Labyrinth, although TDC is a little more mature. And way cooler.

Labyrinth - Everyone knows this I think.

The Princess Mononoke - About humans versus the environment and Gaia in a bunch of Anime action and storytelling from the guy behind Spirited away and some other ones.

Dark City - About a guy who find he has telekenetic powers and sets out to find out why he is the only one that realises the City never sees daylight...

Cube - Bunch of people mysteriously wake up in a cube. There are doors on every side... leading to another cube. Trick is some cubes are deadly, they gotta find their way out.

Evangelion will always be my favourite but thats a series not a movei [although there are 2 movies in the series... ]

OH YEAH I forgot to mention Bad Boy Bubby - This is one of the most fucked up films. Bubby is raised from a baby in an apartment room. He is like 34, he has never ever left the house. He is mentally disabled, well at least never had any education. This is a fucked up movie [and I mean fucked up] about incest, denial of God, and his adventures as Bubby kills his mother and breaks out into the streets. Some of the events are having sex with a Red Cross worker, joining a bnad and going to prison, but this movie is ALWAYS nitty gritty and watching it will make you feel dirty, I mean its explicit for no reason at all. But its good and has some messages in it.

Cloaca 2006-01-06 23:25

Some of the best movies I've seen are Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas, Lock Stock, Snatch, all those classic mafia movies, Scarface, Shawshank Redemption, City Of God (Brazilian film), Memento, Donnie Darko and a couple of others I can't think of at the moment.

antipunx 2006-01-06 23:29

the god father part two is a great movie, i like mobster movies

powersofterror 2006-01-07 00:51

Everyone look to PST's sig, and you get a taste of the magnificant movie directed by CLint Eastwood--The Unforgiven.:banger: I just watched Blood Work last night--which is also a good movie directed and starting Clint.

Bia 2006-01-07 01:01

Originally Posted by powersofterror
Everyone look to PST's sig, and you get a taste of the magnificant movie directed by CLint Eastwood--The Unforgiven.:banger: I just watched Blood Work last night--which is also a good movie directed and starting Clint.

Unforgiven is awesome.
One of the few mainstream films that actually made me feel something.

When the kid kills his first man.....the emotion is real and William Money stands there quietly....listening.

Kid: "I guess he had it coming"
William Money: "We all got it coming"

And Ned....When he fires and can almost see him ready to break down at the thought of having to go for it again.

One of the best films ever. IMO

Gene Hackman did a great job too.

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