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Transient 2005-12-24 23:03

The Official metaltabs CONSOLE gaming thread
zionist and i got off topic in the recently bought thread, talking about resident evil and silent hill. so i thought this would be a good idea, i know lots of people out there play console games.. so what are some of your favorites? do you rent or buy? personally i ALWAYS rent, i havent bought a game since tony hawk 2 :p

i just rented champions : return to arms and its everything ive come to love from that series.... i love semi RPG semi combat games like that !

Zionist 2005-12-24 23:07

I usually read reviews for the game before I buy it, if it has good reviews I will buy it. I play lots of computer games too, Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn is a classic and one of my favorites, Blizzard makes great games too, Diablo II, Warcraft, Starcraft, etc. They really need to make a new Starcraft. As for console games, I love Morrowind, Resident Evil, Halo, Red Faction, etc. Mostly X-Box games, Final Fantasy is also a great game series, FF7 = Best RPG game ever.

Doom 3 owns too, but I'm currently stuck and can't seem to find a way to beat this hard ass boss, some of you might know what I'm talking about.

Transient 2005-12-24 23:27

actually i liked the old Final Fantasies. i have the anthology which is japanese versions 3 and 4 ..i think theyare american version 5 and 6

the amount of work that went into those games is on level with the amount of work that goes into graphic design and engine design and stuff like that now. they put so much effort into the music (nobuo uematsu is the best game audio creator of all time, hands down!) , the colors, the atmosphere, the characters..

davie_gravy 2005-12-25 02:38

Cool thread idea!

I love games! I'm a freak. Halo 2 (Xbox) is my current binge for online gaming. I'll take on anyone anyday. :D I always rent cause my xbox is modded so I can just rent a game, copy/burn it, and wham. Most games aren't worth buying these days anyways. I like FPS the most, next would be action/adventure (third person), and RPGs. I still think Max Payne was one of the baddest fucking games yet.

Infinity 2005-12-25 02:41

Best PSX games - Armoured Core, Abes Odessey, Mortal Kombat Trilogy, Final Doom [that game is scary!], Worms. Worms WP is best on damn PC though. Battle Arena Toshinden, Kensei. Street Fighter Alpha 3. WWF Smack Down, Bushido Blade.

IRON90 2005-12-25 04:43

Cool thread. For console Halo 2 and Hyper street fighter 2 are the nicest games i've played. And for my GBA there's also some good games like castlevania and Metroid but i don't really play some much now.

johnmansley 2005-12-25 05:01

Doom and Doom 2 on the Playstation. The only video games I've played in the last 3 years of my life. Hardcore.

Theoldman 2005-12-25 06:21

Turrican II, Moonstone and Superfrog on Amiga! Good times. :)

sqol 2005-12-25 06:32

Goldeneye beats any game ever, period :)

I prefer racing games a'la Extreme G, F1 style games and motorcycle games :) 1080 Snowboarding was a favourite for a while too.

Six_Feet_Under_420 2005-12-25 06:49

I hate consoles with a passion

BassBehemoth 2005-12-25 08:48

Originally Posted by Six_Feet_Under_420
I hate consoles with a passion

Your gay.

I've been going to for years, I trust they're reviews, I find them immensley accurate...I usually don't rent, I buy.

Six_Feet_Under_420 2005-12-25 10:18

No...I'm not

I just play a lot of first person shooter and they play best with a keyboard and mouse imo. playing fps on a console just feels weird.And i'm a fan of pc graphics

Pandemonium 2005-12-25 10:42

I got Dragon Quest 8 and Shadow of the Colossus from Santa Clause.

John Holland 2005-12-25 10:56

Pc person myself .... love Doom and Silent Hill series. Silent Hill 2 was fucking incredible.

LordofStorms 2005-12-25 12:47

Haha,I just racked up on games today:

Cabela's Dangerous Hunts (haven't played yet)
Devil May Cry 3( Haven't played)
Jak 3 (Great,just like the other two)
Madden 06 (best footbal game ever)
Prince of Persia Two Thrones (Decent)
Neo Contra (Damn good)

blizzard_beast 2005-12-25 13:42

Some of my fav. games:

Knights of the Old Republic
" " " " " II
Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth

I'm mostly into RPGs, more bang for yer buck!

I just got a game called The Bard's Tale. It's a pretty awesome comedy RPG. For example:

Random Knights: We are the guardians of the switch that controls this gate, and you shall not pass!
The Bard (cockney geezer acccent): Hold on a minute, if you're guarding the gate, why put the switch right in front of it?
Random Knights:'re right!

Random Princess: I am locked in this mountain tower, save me bard!
The Bard: It always has to be a tower with you lot eh? No one keeps captives at ground level any more.

Also I got Half Life 2 for the xbox, but I haven't got around to playing it.

KevC 2005-12-25 14:32

you guys think i should pick up a PS2 since its relatively old and cheap now, or save that money and wait a year or 2 for the price of a PS3 to drop and get that instead?

humancorpse 2005-12-25 15:31

wait for the ps3 I`d say.... Looks like that one will be fucking awesome.

Bia 2005-12-25 15:59

Just PC gamming here...

Quake (II & III).... Duke Nuke-Em
Castle Wolfenstein....etc etc

Transient 2005-12-25 16:23

neo contra seemed awesome, i played it with my bro

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