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blsdave32 2005-12-07 16:33

JCM2000 for sale
JCM2000 for sale

Six_Feet_Under_420 2005-12-07 16:40

Originally Posted by blsdave32

Lick my ballsack

powersofterror 2005-12-07 17:59

wrong forum..

Dissection 2005-12-07 21:04

Originally Posted by Six_Feet_Under_420
Lick my ballsack


blsdave32 2005-12-09 17:41

this is the Classified ad section stupids..where else am i gonna put it huhhhh...what does the thing say..Classifieds!

far_beyond_sane 2005-12-09 17:50

Unless this was moved from somewhere else, this IS the right section and anyone who says otherwise is an infected warthog penis fondler.

powersofterror 2005-12-24 19:40

I remember moving this from the guitar forum.

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