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Dyldo 2005-12-02 01:28

Speakeasy Recording Studio (California)
I run a studio in my house and charge anywhere from 15 - 35$+ an hour. The quality is amazing, espeacially for the price. My website should be up sometime in the future, but untill then you can contact me about information and I can send over work I've done.

Def 2005-12-02 01:42

Those are good prices Darko!

Dyldo 2005-12-02 03:09

Yeah, alot of people say it'd be just fair to charge more, but I'm on the musician's side. I just finished a demo the other day.

Def 2005-12-02 08:01

That's cool. I know from experience most studio's charge more or make a price for a total package.

What hardware do you use to record? analog, digital?
Not that I'm interested in recording somewhere in Cali but it could be helpfull for others to know. (by the way, if you pay my plane ticket, I'll be more then happy to come to Cali and enjoy the sun & bitches)

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