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ImBored 2005-11-26 18:42

Bands - Need CD covers/sites designing? Free!
or any other graphic type stuff, for that matter? Lemme know. At the moment its an ideal time to let me know, really, because Im doing some stuff without charge, as a means of bolstering a portfolio of work before I begin charging; and trust me, I will. An example of current work is the new rivers of gore site, and my own bands site (see below for images.)
Its not much, as, Ive not had much to do.

If you are interested, let me know, either PM me or if you arent registered;

In the case of CD/(any other sound format) covers, the work will be presented to you at 150dpi at 1x and 2x the physical size, ideal for printing.

Rivers Of Gore-



Infinity 2005-12-02 19:42

Can you do band logo's?

Cloaca 2005-12-03 01:38

I'd reccomend this guy, but he hasn't made my site wider yet :D

Nah, Alex is the shiz at designing. Use him.

ImBored 2005-12-03 12:11

Infinity; they are not my strong point. I designed my own Bands logo, and did a few different incarnations of this, but its nothing special. If you want me to take a shot at it (with this in mind) just PM me.

And Tim; lick my taint. You got that site designed from scratch, coded, and all those pages recoded in less than a week, bitch. Nah but really, that shit will be done when I get home on Monday.

JacksonGuitars07 2005-12-31 10:08

Hey ImBored, I do the web design stuff too on my own, and I have always wondered, how do you and all the other web designers design the background as in the Rivers of Gore site? I have tried numerous ways but to no avail. If its a trade secret then I understand.

ImBored 2005-12-31 10:42

Nah no trade secret. How do you mean, though? How were the images actually drawn, or spliced, or? Id be happy enough to tell you whatever.

JacksonGuitars07 2005-12-31 12:05

Yea, I meant like how you drew the background for the header. It doesn't seem like you used any special brushes or anything. I've always wondered about that kinda foggy/rusted background. Its very similar to the one on the jackson guitar background. Also, do you have knowledge of dynamic web pages? I have a very simple PHP system setup, but I would like to make it more effective. Thanks

ImBored 2005-12-31 12:13

Nah, I know nothing of php and the like, only really flash, css and traditional HTML coding. Im behind the times, I should learn it but I havent the time.

To actually create the imagery, I use alot of found textures (Digital cameras and scanners, represent!) and work with them in Photoshop, adding layers on blending styles (Multiply, Overlay etc). Its really just all about knowing when to stop or how to arrive at something that looks good.

Typical process for that, was, to take a photo of a brick wall (I live in a pretty bad area so its easy), use it as a base. Duplicate it, blur it so its just shading area, then work on top that shaded area with more textures, trying to keep the image weighted. RoG was made with alot of different textures that were small enough on their own (I create 256x256 textures) and then pieced and spliced together so it never looked like they repeated too much.

Thats basically it, its alot of photoshop work, but theres also some stuff that uses traditional media, though that would be stylistically a departure from what you are talking about, I think?

If I can be of any more help, dont hesitate to ask as I dont explain things very clearly anyways.

JacksonGuitars07 2005-12-31 12:18

Alright I'll see what I can do. BTW, the reason I asked whether you knew about PHP or dynamic coding is because on your news page the data in the bottom frame was in tables and normally thats the case with database driven sites. Since you didn't use ASP or PHP with a MySQL database, did you enter all the updates into tables manually?

ImBored 2005-12-31 12:37

Yep. Its a piece of piss with dreamweaver, but its not ideal. You say PHP/ASP is ideal for that? I shall have to look in to this.

JacksonGuitars07 2005-12-31 12:44

Yes, you can easily load data from seperate .html or .txt files into your page. I'm still learning the MySQL stuff, so I'm not expert at that, but a simple content management system using PHP that I use is the following code. First, put each section of the site in its own html or text file, meaning that news and updates go in one file, band info in another, etc. Then you add the following script into the area where the main content is:

// Get the name of the page that the user wants
$filename = "pages/" . $a . ".html";
// Include it
include $filename;

save your page as page.php: All your links should now be page.php?a= (destination here) where a is the variable.

So all my links are

etc etc. PM me if you want this explained some more.

newHELLonEARTH 2005-12-31 12:49

Originally Posted by ImBored

I like the logo, but it does bear a resemblance to Dead Infection's logo

The Doctor 2006-01-01 08:18

hmm not really, more cryptopsy

newHELLonEARTH 2006-01-02 17:36

or if the 2 clashed together

ImBored 2006-01-02 18:21

are you two finished? well, you one. Id never even heard of Dead Infection? They any good?

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