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bigglen 2002-07-28 06:44

Ok, I'm looking for advise on gear this time.
My beginners kit is definately rooted so I'm looking at buying a New Kit in around about the price range of of $800 Aus (that might be about $400 american I'm not sure) I wanna know which brands are good for what I want, and also want to know cymbal brands that are good as well.

Katham 2002-07-28 14:09

For that price, in hungary, you can by a somewhat extended, new Tama drum-kit.

Tama is pretty good, btw, but never buy 'Amatti', 'Magic' or 'Magix' drum kits...
They are common here, cheap too, but don't worth shit.

bigglen 2002-07-29 05:33

Thanks man, If only I lived hungary. But I'll look for Tama and not buy the cheap crap.

se7engates3613 2002-08-12 20:46

It's all a matter of opinion. But I lean towards Tama more than Pearl, Yamaha, or Ludwig. Tama has more efficient, more durable hardware already equipped on beginner drumsets. Rockstar or Swingstar is what would be in that price range. And no I don't work for Tama

MeTalManiac555 2003-03-12 23:19

Yeah TAMA has the best hardware and all and sounds good. I have a TAMA Artstar ES that they don;t make anymore, it sounds badass, the only prob is that one tom is a percussion plus shitty tom becuase it was normally a 4 piece set. But it's great for metal, and thats what the Artstars are for I heard, well that's what it says on the TAMA site under history. You can check out the sets at they don;t have prices but they have liek dealer locators and all. Good luck and Hail!!!!!!!!

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