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SlayedJesus 2002-07-25 07:42

Buying an Amp.
I am going to buy an amp.
I'm thinking in buying a marshall.
I don't need that much of power since i'm going to use it at home. But i want a good amp. with good features and i heard the little ones are too expensive and not that good. I was thinking in speading arround 400 EURO - 600 EURO.
I would apreciate some help.:beer:

memnoch 2002-07-25 09:30

Peaver Bandit 112......

I bought this almost 2 years ago, and it's done wonders for me. Perfect for just playing at home.....but it can also give you the power you need to play a little nightclub even.

I bought it for about 600$, that's maybe about 250-300 euro i guess.

SlayedJesus 2002-07-25 09:33

i really doubt that i can find that particular amp.
I feel more secure with the marshall anyway but i don't know much about this either:rolleyes:

Atheist 2002-07-25 15:13

Its all about how the amp sounds to you. A solid state or a tube (valve as they say in europe) is just a matter of how much you want to spend and which sound you like. Marshall makes some 2x12 combo amps solid state that would seem to be in your price range. I really dont think you could go wrong with marshall.

memnoch 2002-07-25 16:12

Marshall is a good brand.....but it's pricey. I think you'd be better off buying a Peavey, cause they have just about the same quality but are cheaper priced.

The equivalent of my Bandit 112 would probably have cost me about 800-900$ if it were a Marshall.

INVERTED 2002-07-26 01:55

Consider buying an amp, a major investment. You don't want to get a piece of crap. I'd say save your money and get a good Marshall. Or a smaller one for that matter.

SlayedJesus 2002-07-26 12:01

i went to a store. They have one marshall of 80 watts. The guy from the store explain to me that the amp. was actually a "Park" despite having the logo "marshall" written on it. The reverb wasn't working. The price was around 500 Euro.

There was a roland there around 300 Euro with a lot of effects and the sound quality sounded really good.

What happens is that i don't want to go for an amp. just becauseof the cool effects because i can get those after with a pedal.
I was looking for a a good amp. with a lot of quality and then buying a pedal. Didn't know about his "park"stuff. What do you know about this?

Anyway, the guy from the store told me that the valve amps was what made marshall so big. I don't even know if valve is the thing for me.

Help me! I'm confused!:(

SlayedJesus 2002-07-26 12:04

i forgot to tell that the roland of 300 Euro has 30 watts.

memnoch 2002-07-26 16:17

I stand by my previous recommendation. The Bandit is 80 watts alone, and it can dish out 100 watts if hooked up to a cabinet.

Best distortion i've ever heard in person (excluding death metal concerts....i mean just myself playing on amps.) My friend has a head/cab set up that probably cost him more than 2000$ and i think my amp has a much better sound, and it cost less than 1/3 of that.

Lord Arioch 2002-07-26 18:33

Just follow the good advice of memnoch I also own a Bandit 112
and man it rocks like hell

Marshall isn't what it was anymore

mrweijia 2002-07-26 23:21

i suggest the marchall dsl 401 just because it has 2 overdrive settings and an included foot switch. its 40 watts i think.

Darkenelf 2002-07-27 04:14

re: amp
KORG has some nice stuff too!!

Tattered 2002-07-28 06:15

Check out ''Leem'' there not a very popular amp make..but there can go pretty load..

or just get a marshall 80 watt...if not get a louder one..hehe:D

INVERTED 2002-07-28 22:19


Snyper 2002-08-07 23:37

if u're only gonna be using it for home and for like practicing and other shit, no point in getting anything big, i got a fender frontman 25r for home, nothing wrong with it, and it gets load enuff

SlayedJesus 2002-09-14 08:04

The only marshall that i found was a "PARK(Son of Marshall)" with the logo of marshall written on it.
I know it's a PARK because the salesman told me.

Anyway, i found a Peavey Envoy 110, Transtube Series.

I think i found the site that shows the amp:

The guy from the store told me the amp is 60 Watts but in the site says that is 40 Watts. Anyway, it looks like the one i found on the store.

What do you think?

SlayedJesus 2002-09-16 15:34

The price of this Peavey is 315 EURO :mad:

cliff123454321 2002-09-24 18:29

yhea i say the peavey bandit or a rocktron rampge 80 watt, it even has a built in tuner:stoned:

A Drowning Mind 2002-09-27 18:55

i've got a peavey blazer 158 that cost me 165 ... i'm pretty contempt with it, nice distortion and i guess it could be pretty loud...never got a chance to test it due to our neighbours :l
but this may be not appropriate to you, cause it's kinda small

Def 2002-09-28 07:51

peavey, laney and hughes and kettner, all more priceworth then marshall if you ask me.

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