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memnoch 2002-07-13 17:15

Well i entered the contest anyways.......i figured it included canada since it asked for "zip code/postal code" and "state/province".

walpurgis 2002-07-13 20:32

Well memnoch, I think District of Columbia is actually considered a province (Washington D.C. for you dumbassses that are reading this) because it isn't a I don't know.

And I don't really like either of those basses, honestly. I'll take a natural wood finish Carvin over about anything, anyways...but to compare the two, Araya's looks better, but barely.

Speaking of, I've never looked at any pictures of Tom Araya up close, he looks kinda fucked up...

memnoch 2002-07-14 00:59

Araya rules question about it.

Tattered 2002-07-14 03:06

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yeah i suppose that tom arayas bass is very nice, but the bc rich widow is flashy..and more catchy..but toms plays much smoother

but check out this fuckin hot dragon carved one i found

Tattered 2002-07-14 03:15

The Woodchopper!!!!!
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hey this is a picture of a bass with an axe design its wicked

:beer: :D :beer:

CradleOfFilth 2002-07-15 09:22

cooooool!! i want this one:)
but i got a question.... can i kill someone with this guitar???:D

Def 2002-07-15 13:12

damn that bass is ugly haha, where did the old-style went?

What about stingrays and fenders?

what about REAL stuff?

man why does everybody like modern painted stuff with handlebars and shit.. fashion basses SUCK!

MetalPoldi 2002-07-15 14:55

Thatīs the bass of the KISS-bassist, isnīt it?

memnoch 2002-07-15 16:26

Yeah that's just what i was thinking too.

Tattered 2002-07-17 12:06

cool, havent heard any of i wouldnt know

Def 2002-07-17 14:22

don't listen to kiss haha :D

Tattered 2002-07-17 14:24

they split up didnt they? ...i know nothing...:D


memnoch 2002-07-17 17:12

You've probably heard at least 1 or 2 songs of theirs.

Does "I.....wanna rock and roll all night!!! And party everyday!" sound familiar?

MetalPoldi 2002-07-18 10:50

A friend played in a KISS-cover-band. I thiunk itīs a bit gay...
But "God gave Rockīnīroll to you" is a great song. Itīs from this Bill& Ted-movie.

Tattered 2002-07-18 14:32

Unique and Interesting Basses
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look at this its an AB2 TAYlor acoustic bass, and its fucking gigantic

Tattered 2002-07-18 14:47

Esh Basses
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These are german basses, and are not very popular...

they have many different genres of this bass, this one is called the ''Esh Stinger'' there are lots of gothic designs, so i will post some more up on here later

cheers :beer:

walpurgis 2002-07-18 15:37

Unique and Interesting Basses
Alright guys...there have been lots of threads made that just have a few replies in them, showing different basses, and mostly added by tatter3d. I'm merging them all to lower the number of threads, and just make it easier to view multiple I ask that if you're going to throw a picture of something up just for a "Hey, check this out!" sort of thing, please put it here.

MetalPoldi 2002-07-19 10:38

Zack, a 3-string.
When does it come to an 1-string?!?!?

Def 2002-07-19 13:32

ueuuhm, SORRY mister uberstormfuhrer Walpurgis! I didn't do that on purpose, but I was talking about posting those photos for ages, so I guess I got a little carried away....

anyways, I don't like those german basses, those esh thingies, but then again i don't like marleaux and ritter either!

walpurgis 2002-07-19 14:24

Don't worry about it man, I'm not mad, just figured I'd let you guys know why a bunch of threads were just thrown on top of each other.

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