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Zertonshfits 2005-09-04 15:43

Favorite screams/growls? Worst ones?
Slayer - the Angel of Death yell
Slayer - Raining Blood, where he yells "RAINING BLOOD!!! from a lacerated sky!"
Slayer - Poistmortem wher he yells "DO YOU WANNA DIE?!"
Cryptopsy - the Benedictine Cunvultions inhaling scream,
Cryptopsy - on White Worms on None so Live, the one where origionally it sounds like Mike says "meeeeooooowww!" but Martin does it awsome
Pantera - Fucking Hostile, the last time he says it, and the amps screatch
Pantera - This Love when he says "YOU TAKE THIS LOVE!"
Iron Maiden - Killers, when he yells "Killlerrrrsssss!!! runnin loose"


OpethFan 2005-09-04 18:37

Cradle of Filth - All hope in eclipse. Just after the big 'eerie' piano break in the middle, i always loved that part.
COF 5ux0rz btw.

Opeth - The moor. When he first begins singing after the first electric riff, theres a cool intro scream thing.

Cryptopsy - Open face surgery. Theres a 27 second scream near the end :eek:

Cant really think of any others at the moment.

feetunderwarpath 2005-09-04 19:33

It's already been said but Angel of Death, Tom fucking screeches so high but then drops so smoothly.

John Holland 2005-09-04 23:20

Jens Kidman.

sqol 2005-09-05 05:21

Akercocke - A Skin For Dancing In, near the start
Opeth - Demon Of The Fall, at the 'demon, demon of the fall' bit :)

Otiz 2005-09-05 06:03

Aye, I agree with Demon of the Fall bit.

The series of grunts at the beginning of Appalling Spawn's only album is fantastic too.

Theoldman 2005-09-05 08:13

Ensiferum - all songs
Wintersun - all songs
Finntroll - all songs
Hypocrisy - Fractured Millenium
Cradle of Filth - Nymphetamine
Lemuria - Mournful Beauty
Graveworm - Beauty of Malice

Brutur 2005-09-05 12:24


cw4119 2005-09-05 21:19

The Black Dahlia Murder's Screamer
Steve Tucker
David Vincent
Behemoth's Growler
Amon Amarth's Vocalist <--- is that a word?

powersofterror 2005-09-06 11:10

Galder's opening scream on Millennium King.

SARS 2005-09-06 18:13

Jonny Morrow - Iron Monkey, and Rob from Labrat.

McCalister999 2005-09-06 19:15

I've liked Anders' growl on Worlds within the margin.
Halford's screams in Painkiller.

LuciferianSoul 2005-09-07 06:51

Originally Posted by theoldman
Ensiferum - all songs
Wintersun - all songs
Graveworm - Beauty of Malice

I would agree with this.
I love Jari Maenpaa, I especially love the vocals in Sadness and Hate on Wintersun.

I'm not fond of Alexi Laiho's screams.

Several Catamenia screams I very much love on the Chaosborn album.

h4x5k8 2005-09-08 13:32

I love the deep yet defined growl Mikael Åkerfeldt gets, and the fact he can sing cleans that well.

newHELLonEARTH 2005-09-08 15:20

cryptopsy-benedictine convulsions, the opening where worm growls and flo screams at the same time it sounds sweet.. and when he says spiderchrist.
cryptopsy- open face surgery, the 28 second scream!!
or course, slayer- angel of death (on still reigning he sounds so strange doing it.. like a mouse almost)
slayer- crypts of eternity in the middle of the song.. (i actually like it better then the angel of death one :eek:
atheist- green every time he screams BEAUTY! (bears the color green)

OpethFan 2005-09-09 01:54

Originally Posted by OpethFan
Cryptopsy - Open face surgery. Theres a 27 second scream near the end :eek:

Originally Posted by newHELLonEARTH
cryptopsy- open face surgery, the 28 second scream!!

Picky cunt :p

Vardanstalt 2005-09-09 14:53

Dark Funeral, Arrival of satan's empire. I have to say, my favorite song when it comes to singing..

newHELLonEARTH 2005-09-09 15:11

Originally Posted by OpethFan
Picky cunt :p

haha take that bitch! in other news, they will have to evacuate all of washington if hilary clinton's ass gets any bigger.

MyOwnSavior 2005-09-09 19:48

anything Tim Lambesis has ever done...

I'm sure there's more scream/growl moments I enjoy I just don't feel like thinking at the moment.

xDeadHandsRisingx 2005-09-10 12:04

Mikael Åkerfeldt i think has the best death growl because it's pretty brutal and like one guy said pretty defined too, you can actually make out what hes saying.

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