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SilentScreamer 2002-07-15 12:06

My finger hurts...
Any tricks?

memnoch 2002-07-15 12:30

Endure the'll eventually make calices and stronger muscles.

ChileanMetal 2002-07-16 22:18

it doesnt hurt
i do not care if my finger hurts as long as i can play fucking good metal songs, if is doesnt hurt, then is not a great metal song man.

Tattered 2002-07-17 12:04

right........anyway yeah just get used to it, your fingers will get used to it sooner or later..but u will have a couple of odd blisters

Tattered 2002-07-17 14:23

oh shit i forgot about the jim dunlops cap thingys i have..check out the thread named ''comfortable picking''


Def 2002-07-17 14:25

yeah man endure the pain, play like a bitch, slap the bitch up and just pick it up again and keep playin playin playin till your fingers fall off

shittybassist 2002-09-06 15:34

this keeps calluses forming, but helps w/ the pain, put some super glue over the spot that hurts, then let it dry, then play, i advise not doing this too much though, or you'll become a wuss, only do it when it hurts really fucking bad

Def 2002-09-07 08:31

haha that sounds pretty weird :)

I've been playing for quite some time now, I even use a 5 string with 125# as thickest string :)

And I don't have any problems with the pain anymore, A tip I can give you is Fast Fret, that's stuff you put over your frets and strings that will make them slide better than ever before, it also helps you with the pain of the string (old strings that are full of filth often hurt more!!)

kataklysm 2002-09-10 07:11

hehe, i'm not playing bas for long now, (hehe just had me 5'th lesson)
but i don't feel anything (jet :D )
well, i will see...

MetalPoldi 2002-09-10 09:05

One day youŽll ahve this joy.
If you hit the strings to hard to get a cool sound. I had this pain after one song. I needed this sound.
And i had to go on. After two days i had no pain anymore.

Tattered 2002-09-10 12:47

Originally posted by *Def-Fx*
Fast Fret,

I got that, its got a brush thingy liquid and a piece of wool, its makes ur strings VERY slidey prevents the pain, and also prevents rust, and only costs 5 quid

Def 2002-09-10 13:39

Yeah it's really nice stuff! I always use it before gigs! it makes you fly all over the neck :D but you have to get used to it.. and it's nice that it cleans strings too, cuz I play a lot and my strings get dirty verry fast.... need to buy new ones every 6 months, then they begin to break or either sound muddy (beyond cleaning..)

Tattered 2002-09-10 14:11

yeah my D is getting a bit rusty from playing californication and around the world too much by the chili's, and if you ever take a real good inhale of that fast fret stuff it goes straight to your head likem a solvent and makes u feel floopy:D :p :D :p

Def 2002-09-11 04:06

haha yeah, I had to play those 2 songs for ages, for basslessons, around the world is pretty tricky when the intro riff comes back in in the middle of the song and goes even faster... anyways, that stuff does rule..

Tattered 2002-09-11 12:30

Yeah, there bassist is amazing, i mean they may not be a metal band, but theyre fuckin immense:smash:

kataklysm 2002-09-11 13:18

ok, now i got a painful finger !
hehe, i"m playing allot now, (everyday at least 2 hours)
and NOW i got a painful finger
but I'm a man! (:rolleyes: )
so i just play on!!!
hehe :D

INVERTED 2002-09-12 01:29

Get a petticure.:cool:

Rattlehead 2002-09-26 19:25

I've never had any pain in my fingers. I have had callices, but never pain worth complaining about. I play on average almost an hour every night. Maybe it's because I hardly ever do any slides.

Tattered 2002-09-27 12:55

or is it just that u are always using the D string. I had finger sores, when i continuely played the G-string. lol..

Def 2002-09-27 13:03

ehm, slides will only make you fingers hurt sooner man, not you ehm, 'hit' finger but your left hand, the 'play' finger..
anyways, just loosen up your style a bit and your fingers won't hurt as hell, play a lot of bob marley to achieve this effect ;)

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