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briyo2289 2005-08-24 15:00

Basics of Arpeggios
Hey, im tryin to figure out Arpeggios. I know some simple three chord Arp. but Im trying to figure out some stuff. First, what by definition is an arpeggio? Is it only playing the first third and fifth of a chord or can u play any note in from a chord and have it be an arpeggio?

second, what are some different types of arpeggios u can play because i know three string minor major and diminished and i dont really know how to construct more arpeggios, or what ther types there are. any basic information would be much appreciated. Thanks! and sorry for bein such a n00b

davie_gravy 2005-08-24 16:48

An arpeggio is just the individual accenting of each note in a chord to be heard instead of a strum of all the notes in the chords. You can arpeggiate any chord in western music. A major/minor/diminished/augmented arpeggio consist of just a first, third fifth, but there are 7th chords, etc to extend the arpeggio notes to add 7th, 9ths, whatever. Arpeggios are cool cause you can change one note in the whole pattern and it adds a whole new feel. For example of arpeggios look here Start around page 3, that where most of the sweep posts start. Most of the sweeps are arpeggios. They have patterns that span all 6 strings. The best thing to know is the CAGED theory of chord shapes, cause your arpeggio shapes follow the chord shapes. Hope this helps.

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