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bigglen 2002-07-12 07:31

Ok, As a drummer, I've been playing for a year and a half (not long). I'm in a H eavy Metal band who are making orginal songs. I've practiced quite a bit while I've been a drummer and got quite fast hand (no wanking jokes please) but I've noticed in bands like Metallica and Sepultura and many others the fills aren't always the same flowing toms and have breaks in between (eg. a roll of 3, rest followed by a roll of 4 rest followed by a double cymbal ect,) hopefully people know what I mean. What I want to ask about is how they decide which patterns suit which songs (does anyone understand me?)

Katham 2002-07-12 09:34


I do, what comes into my mind, and what I think fits the best into the song.

se7engates3613 2002-08-12 21:04

It's hard to define. It just kind of hits ya. Or just do some double bass/Floor tom rolls. They usually sound pretty good. Some people take a more technical approach and some people just throw in as much as possible in the space available. It's all a matter of what youre going for.

eviscerator 2002-10-23 19:58

I think that for slow songs, say 125 bpm or something, i usually do (just an example) a fill of 2xsnare (with one hit on the cymbal as well),and then 2 hits on each tom. But in fast songs, i think you should just pop in as many hits as possible...without overdoing it ofcourse.

an exception would be a slow but aggressive song (like most of Six Feet Under's songs) would also require a lot of drum-pounding :)


MeTalManiac555 2003-03-15 17:42

It all depend's on the song, like the speed and everything else that come's into play.

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