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memphis 2005-08-09 00:06

ankle problem
i recently started doing some exercises,trying to improve my foot speed.i am working at 170bpm right now,but i have a left foot,which is my weak one,has the ankle motion,and executes clear hits,but my right,which is my good one,cant execute a pure ankle hit!!!!how can this happen??a friend of mine,suggested me to practice one foot blasts to overcome the problem.your opinion??

NZ black metal drumm 2005-08-09 00:21

Practising one footers is a great way to build ankle strength, the other good way is to play lots of funky grooves with lots of 100 bpm 16th one foot hits, not constant like a blast but broken, which does wonders for foot technique.

memphis 2005-08-09 01:20

if i play 16th notes at 100bpm for 15 minutes?is this an effective workout???have you ever heard of john blackwell's exercise,for ankle movement??its a non pedal workout.i am doing that too.

NZ black metal drumm 2005-08-09 02:06

rather than concentrate on doing X for Y amount of time, just add more one footed groove to your drumming, this is how I built up my right AND left foot.

I still do an exercise to strengthen my independence (which is shit) a play a beat right side, then try and mirror it with my left.

and also practising the one footer while you are sitting down etc. is a good workk out, just sit there using ankle only tapping, it will piss people off, but fuck em, they aren't going to be a great drummer.

memphis 2005-08-09 02:16

foot tapping its a rather heeldown can i improve my standard heel up playing through foot tapping??????

NZ black metal drumm 2005-08-09 03:46

wear heavy boots and lift your leg off the floor

memphis 2005-08-09 04:25

only mr blomberg and gene hoglan can do that!!!!l :p

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