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The Doctor 2005-07-23 13:21

Nicest Tits 6 - Tits in a jar
lets revive this old-school habit, goddamnit!

Briana Banks is the shit!

wank time guys

i_hate_nu_metal 2005-07-23 14:13

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Those tits look funny more than hot. Don't get me wrong, I'd do her in a heartbeat, but that doesn't really say much for her, as I have no standards whatsoever. However, those tits won't win her any tit competitions. They are so painfully obvious fakes, and the surgeon didn't even do that good of a job.

I like this one much better.

Dahmers Fridge 2005-07-23 15:47

Now this is my kind of thread :p

k13m 2005-07-23 15:53

meh, i like tatoo'd pussies way better:D

methodlessman 2005-07-23 15:59

k13m, that women has balls(not literally), I would never get a tatoo that big on my junk.

Tattered 2005-07-23 16:14

Nicest tits 6? i swear the last one was a 4?

k13m 2005-07-23 16:16

if u would u should have pinocchio tatoo'd on it :D (if ur a boy that is)

active corpse fucker 2005-07-23 16:32

in the second brianna banks picture her left tit looks deformed - she should of got her money back from her surgeon

but damn good thread!!!!!

methodlessman 2005-07-23 16:39

Originally Posted by k13m
if u would u should have pinocchio tatoo'd on it :D (if ur a boy that is)
I was thinking of an elephant maybe. And spraypainting my dick grey everday too.

Transient 2005-07-23 16:44

dont post without pics (This post excluded)

Dissection 2005-07-23 17:02

and this one. ;)

Thank god someone revived this thread. Most of the pictures i have on here are from girls I've suduced online, and gotten naked pics from, so I don't have much to post. I'll see if I actually have anything good on here, when my little cousin isn't standing right here.

DeathCS 2005-07-23 17:04

what's a pic?

k13m 2005-07-23 17:13

bleh i dont like big tits at all, but the guitar is nice :D

philkilla 2005-07-23 17:24

Originally Posted by k13m
bleh i dont like big tits at all, but the guitar is nice :D

God damn she is fucking bangin

Dissection 2005-07-23 17:30

Originally Posted by DeathCS
what's a pic?

Shut up, smartass.

active corpse fucker 2005-07-23 17:33

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loving the guitar

i am a sucker for a brunette

first picture i reckon her nipples were placed way too high.......

active corpse fucker 2005-07-23 17:40

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i am a sucker for blondes as well.......

Dissection 2005-07-23 18:04

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Buddy sent this over AIM. I love Russian Chicks.

Def 2005-07-23 18:13


get yourself a real woman :)

Dissection 2005-07-23 18:14

Fuck you man. American girls have like, issues with putting out. ;)

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