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memnoch 2001-09-06 16:25

Electric drums
The drummer in my band was comsidering getting the electric type of drum set. I'm not a drummer myself, and i don't know much about them, but i think it's a bad idea. I'd prefer the regular drum set, more of a real sound....nothing made up.

Although, i'd hate it if he tried to tell me what kind of guitar to get.....but whatever, he's an idiot. Anyone know more about this? Personally i think the regular kind is better......

wee..:scatter: ...wee

walpurgis 2001-09-06 16:46

I thought electric drum sets were practice sets, actually...

I dunno too much about them, but I have a feeling that electronic drums are going to have just that type of sound, electronic. So I'm figuring that it all depends on what type of sounds you want out of your drums.

Perhaps you should go with him to see how they sound when he tries them out, because it's kind of a personal decision on his part but it's also somewhat a band decision. I know I'd be mad if my band's sound was significantly changed without my opinion and/or approval...

memnoch 2001-09-06 17:53

Well, that's what i thought too.....we want to play heavy enough music, and i don't think some electric drum sounds would sound good in the background.....especially like snare and bass drum, seems to me it would sound too fake.

Although it is his choice, i think drums do impact the band on a whole, and everyone should have their opinion in the saying.

Katham 2001-09-07 09:08

I don't like electric drums very much. Most of them are sounding fake, and the good ones are expensive as shit ($4100+).

If he can afford that price for an electric drum-kit, then go ahead, but I like much better the regular acoustic wood drums...

wannabe 2001-10-04 19:38

I am getting an electric drumset for christmas. Here's why:
  • they are small and take up less space
  • they are easy as shit to mobilize
  • you can do more shit with them
  • they are not as loud

Plus I love the sound. They don't sound all electronic like you would think. You can be so much more inventive with them. Plus, you can go faster and get better action out of them. I would record with an accoustic set, though. Those things are badass.

belial 2001-12-05 01:49

I hate the feel of electronic drums. The sticks rebound *way* too much for my liking. I also abhore the fake cymbals... it's practically impossible to do realistic cymbal rolls on e-kits, and I don't like the lack of tonal difference on the toms depending on where you play like on an acoustic set.

Katham 2001-12-08 08:21

I've been playing 3 or 4 times in an electric drum set in my life... Some stuff I've noticed...

- Cymbals are definetly sounds like they're from some rhytm-machine...
- Can't make a lots of effects, which I can do with acoustic drum kits.
- I don't feel I can control the set 100%-ly like the acoustic one... I can control them only lotsa harder.
- Some effects has fade-in times, when I play some grind on it, it doesn't sounds like a cheap pneumatic drill...
- The foot cymbal (don't know if it's the right word in english, but I know it's called 'lábcin' here... Láb is foot... Cin is cymbal...) sounds gay... I can't make even those tricks with it...

Hence buy good acoustic drums... ;)

walpurgis 2001-12-08 08:47

Originally posted by Katham
The foot cymbal (don't know if it's the right word in english, but I know it's called 'lábcin' here... Láb is foot... Cin is cymbal...) sounds gay... I can't make even those tricks with it...

I think here it's just called a high hat, unless I'm thinking of the wrong cymbal.

Katham 2001-12-08 11:42

Really... Damn...

I forgot... But I knew...

Anyways, yeah, it's the high-hat... I'm kinda seedy today...

walpurgis 2001-12-08 14:00

Well, anyway, you said it sounded gay...were you playing it open or closed?

Katham 2001-12-09 05:53

Well, what do you mean?

The tricks I meant are mostly needs both opened and closed high-hats.

walpurgis 2001-12-09 09:16

Do you change the setting to have it open and closed while you're playing a song?
I might have misinterpreted, but it kinda sounds like you used both for the same thing, lol, if you can follow what I'm saying.

Katham 2001-12-09 09:39

I think this would be a correct answer:

I played on a Roland one, it had two pedals. One for the bass drum, and one for the hit hat. The hit hat pedal was working like if you stepped on it, it sounded like you stepped on an acoustic, you got even different sound if you hit the hit hat while the pedal was pushed or not. The reason the tricks didn't worked - the drum set's chips aren't able to memorize, count, and transform the resonance of the hit-hats. (hope I used the right words)

G_urr_A 2002-06-04 17:20

I dont own a kit, I use schools kit to rehearse with my band, and they've got an E-kit. For slow music (both heavy (Iced Earth - Damien) and light (Iced Earth - Ghost of Freedom)) they can be amazing, because you just puch a button, and you've suddenly got a completely different kit, but when you go over 140bpm, it's difficult to play, because the rebound is too high (you just sit and try to force the sticks to stay below 2000feet), and the cymbals are too fecking small (and you cant get the effect of hitting the cup of them, either). Buy an acoustic is my advice, they sound better for most music, and if you've got money for an E-kit, then buy an acoustic one and buy many different toms and stuff if you need the different sounds

Tattered 2002-07-28 07:21

Yeah, well the problem is with an electric drumkit like ppl says its a fake sound..but yeah if u hit it harder and u want more aggresion in your music..then its gonna have the same sound all the time..say u start the song with 4 hits on the symbol u want it sound light, and then say you have this really nice chunky riff..yeah the songs going great..when it comes to the ending..and he hits the snare a couple of times and hits hard at the symbol...u want a really loud symbol hit...but its just the it at the first..if u see what i mean..yah?:D

G_urr_A 2002-08-11 16:51

The kit at school does make difference for soft and hard hits. To a certain point. If you whack a cymbal the fucking hardest you can, it gives the same sound as a average hard hit. Though it cost $10000

mrweijia 2002-09-03 17:29

elecrtrics sound different, i cant quite put my finger on it, but its different

MeTalManiac555 2003-03-13 20:06

All I have to say is...."ELECTRIC SET'S FUCKING SUCK!!!!!!!!!" If he get's one then you should just get a new drummer hah, but my friend has some woodstock 99 video and on there is some badn playing an acoustic set with some electric with it it was wierd.

Exodus666 2003-09-07 10:37

Sound sample with electric type drum

Listen to this sample, and tell me how it sounds (the drum)...

Rarara, yes it's an electric one....

No offense, I think it sounds pretty good...

The Doctor 2003-09-07 12:18

it sounds pretty fucking neat i must say.
But the end is so fucking stupid, stupid grunting shit

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