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L,B'XXX 2005-06-07 12:53

Seeing this more as poem than song, but it could be either. Written with a friend. (Still having the posting problem so the piece is posted in two posts. Sorry about that. )


How can sparks evolve so wonderfully bright
A photograph, a garment worn
I touch you in a fleeting thought, I'm trembling
Will you ever know the way I hold you tight
I close my eyes, and hold my breath
Your heart beat like a native drum that sings

The lightest touch of the warm summer air
Like your breath against my skin
So far away and yet in my blood
Your eyes drawing me close yet unseeing
Vivid as dew sparkling
Yet to be brighter still

The Lord alone could ever light this furnace
No questioning, the answers clear
A momentary shudder that will last the night
Foolhardy and wilful in a silk embrace
The touch of milky skin on mine
Eternal warmth betrayed where lovers might

L,B'XXX 2005-06-07 12:54

I close my eyes mezmorized
Day after day, year upon year
Wanting reality to come into my arms
To grasp it firmly, to never let it go
My heart pulsing, surging to depths
And pinnacles of unexplored passion

A single tear is gently wiped from blush-ed skin
Moistened lips touch torridly
Amidst the blanket veil ushered to measured bliss
Darkness brings no fear that can be seen
Airy sounds soft as a breath
And tenderness shared out ‘til death

Oh, the wonting that pervades
Searing ripples hidden from view
Strong limbs that demand the gentlest touch
The knowledge of strength and security
The wine of life melding, sweetening
As the sun and frost do the grape

Loves carpet bears a semblance of the fallen pines
Needles on the skin, no pain
Such elegance and gentile subtlety is found
In my heart as words you whisper touch my ears
The rising and the fall of your tender breasts
Serve to remind me you are near


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